Search Funds: A New Model for Innovation in the Synthetic Biology Industry

Search funds could be a powerful accelerant to bring the tools of synthetic biology to a wider audience, bringing about the promise of synbio to previously untouched fields.

Two Unicorns Shaping the Future of the Synthetic Biology Industry

Often compared, Ginkgo Bioworks and Zymergen are differentiated by technology stack and business approach

Your Car Is More Plastic Than You Know. This Company May Soon Be Brewing Its Parts With Biology.

One-third of a car's parts are plastic. If a new way of making plastic with biology plays out, not only could we have lighter and more fuel-efficient automobiles, we could also enter an era of guilt-free plastic.

Will programming a cell ever be as easy as programming an app?

The promised democratization of biology plays out as industry frontrunners consolidate early leads and bio-preneurs consider the sheer breadth of opportunity

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COVID-19 treatment prevention

COVID-19 Resources

SynBioBeta is proud to partner with Leaps by Bayer to make a visual timeline for COVID-19 treatment and prevention. The scientific community is working around the clock, not only to protect us from COVID-19, but to...

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Versant Ventures Launches Bright Peak Therapeutics

–Next-wave engineered protein company with pipeline of cytokine therapeutics developed in Versant’s Ridgeline Discovery Engine– –First IL-2 development candidate shows superior properties to all known...

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