Is Coronavirus In The NYC Subway? How Swabbing Doors And Trains Is Shaping The Fight Against COVID-19

New Yorkers know the subway can be nasty, but COVID-19 has made riding the rails dicier than usual.

COVID-19 Town Hall on sequencing novel coronavirus

SynBioBeta Town Hall on sequencing’s vital new role in fighting pandemics: A COVID-19 update from Illumina leadership

GrowCab Selected as Winner in the TFF x Beta.Space “Space Colonisation” Prize

Thought For Food (TFF) and Beta.Space announce that GrowCab has been selected as the winning team in the TFF x Beta.Space Space Colonization Challenge

Timeline Shows 3 Paths To COVID-19 Treatment And Prevention (INFOGRAPHIC)

One takeaway: the progress to develop coronavirus treatments and preventions is moving at an unprecedented pace, with historic records being broken nearly every week. 

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COVID-19 treatment prevention

COVID-19 Resources

SynBioBeta is proud to partner with Leaps by Bayer to make a visual timeline for COVID-19 treatment and prevention. The scientific community is working around the clock, not only to protect us from COVID-19, but to...

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SGI-DNA is now Codex

Pioneering DNA synthesis company — inventor of the Gibson Assembly® method and the BioXp™ system — furthers its mission to empower researchers in moving “from reading DNA to writing and printing DNA” San Diego, April...

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