Digitizing biology and scaling precision medicine companies: the role of enabling technology and the right capital

A conversation with four leaders of companies that have successfully scaled and are heading the charge to make the promise of digitizing biology a life-changing reality.

Molecule Maker Arzeda Wants To Grow Phone Screens That Won’t Scratch

Seattle-based protein design company Arzeda is leading the way toward more sustainable solutions to every day problems.

Can Synthetic Biology Inspire The Next Wave of AI?

Computers can beat humans at sophisticated tasks like the game Go, but can they also drive a car, speak languages, play soccer, and perform a myriad of other tasks like humans? Here’s what AI can learn from biology.

Fermenting the future of healthy aging

Could L-ergothioneine be the next powerful ingredient in nutraceuticals and cosmetics?

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Can Synthetic Biology Inspire The Next Wave of AI?

In building the world’s first airplane at the dawn of the 20th century, the Wright Brothers took inspiration from the “insightful” movements of birds. They observed and reverse-engineered aspects of the wing in nature...

Synthetic biology

Synthetic biology: the inheritance of my generation

I don’t remember the first time I learned about synthetic biology because I didn’t understand why it mattered. In the modern-day style of science journalism that borders on entertainment, it seems as if most scientific...

Sick Of Pesticides? Remember Death In The Time Of Cholera.

Pesticides tend to receive little else but bad press — bees are slain, lawsuits are filed, and proponents of everything from ‘raw water’ to ‘clean food’ cite the benefits of all that is ‘natural’. Yet pesticides are...

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