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TWB contributes to the development of synthetic biology in France

TWB develops and leads collaborative public/private R&D projects, particularly in the field of synthetic biology. TWB announces the success of the ‘SYNTHACS’ project and the second edition of the event “TWB start-up day – From Biosciences to Bioproduction” on 12 February 2019.

The SYNTHACS project was set up in partnership with ADISSEO, a company specialised in animal nutrition. This project led to the development of a prototype bioprocess for the synthesis of a methionine (a key ingredient of animal feed) precursor. Within the project a new biological pathway was designed, which allows a bacterium to convert glucose into the target chemical. This is a breakthrough, especially considering that methionine is currently manufactured using a chemical process and fossil-based raw materials.

TWB also supports biotech start-ups. Because innovation goes hand in hand with creation, TWB dedicates time to start-ups. TWB hosts startups whilst providing high-tech equipment, scientific and business support, as well as networking. Four startups are already present at TWB (EnobraQ, PILI, MicroPep, BFC) and two more are joining this season (iMean and Green Spot Technologies).  Since last year, TWB organizes an event dedicated to biotechnology startups. Following the success of the first edition event – 130 professionals from 11 countries met in Toulouse TWB announced the second edition of the “TWB start-up day – From Biosciences to Bioproduction” that will take place on 12 February 2019.

‘We contribute to the growth of the synthetic biology and industrial biotechnology stars of tomorrow’ Pierre MONSAN, TWB founder and CEO.





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