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The Future is Now. IndieBio’s Demo Day Reflection

For decades people have talked about applying science and technology in the real world. There has been much discussion about how these two fields could be leveraged to make the world a better place. These days, we’re experiencing a huge shift towards this direction. We’ve arrived at a point where not only are we seeing tangible applications of science and technology together, but they are also scalable and make great business sense. Nowhere was this more evident than at IndieBio’s latest Demo Day.

IndieBio's Demo Day
John Cumbers, Founder of SynBioBeta, and Diego Rey, Visiting Partner at Y Combinator, at IndieBio’s Demo Day.
John Cumbers, Founder of SynBioBeta, Kinkead Reiling, Founder and CEO of Bonneville Labs, and Sean O’Sullivan, Managing General Partner and founder of SOSV.

Fourteen startups enthusiastically took the stage at Herbst Theater in San Francisco, CA to share their results with the world. They were Antibiotic Adjuvant, BeeFlow, Dahlia Biosciences, Jointech Labs, Lingrove, MezoMax, Neurocarrus, Nivien Therapeutics, Nuro, Onconetics Pharmaceuticals, sRNAlytics, Sun Genomics, Terramino Foods and Vetherapy.

These changemakers came from all over the world and from all walks of life. Naturally their technologies reflected this diversity. For instance, Lingrove makes Ekoa, a plant-based material, that can be used to make many things like guitars, furniture and surf boards. Beeflow helps farmers grow more crops by making bees stronger and smarter. Sun Genomics provide personalized probiotic kits that promote gut and overall health. Nivien Therapeutics and Onconetics Pharmaceuticals are testing novel ways to treat cancer. And Vetherapy helps keep our furry friends healthier through stem cell therapies that speed up treatment of wounds and diseases.

These are the types of solutions our world needs now to get better. It’s time to take action. By investing in these types of science startups today, we are supporting the future of applied science and business. We are letting our values shine.


Rodalyn Guinto

Rodalyn is a journalist based in San Francisco, CA. She has a Master’s in Public Policy from Mills College.

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