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Four Reasons to Attend Synthetic Biology Conference SynBioBeta SF 2017

Synthetic Biology Conference

The premier annual conference for the synthetic biology industry is fast approaching!  The excitement is building for SynBioBeta San Francisco 2017, where more than 600 people will gather from around the world to keep up to date on industry trends and network.  Attendees will join the world’s most powerful players in biobased products, genome engineering, and automation technologies over fireside chats, panel discussions, and dedicated networking receptions.  What sets attending a SynBioBeta conference apart from the rest?  Find out why this event is an opportunity you can’t pass up!

The Companies

SynBioBeta defines any company that is making biology easier to engineer a synthetic biology company—a definition that is broad by design!  Our conference draws participants from every corner of the field and this year will feature over sixty speakers representing synthetic biology companies both large and small.  From industry giants like IDT, to growing players like BGI genomics, to the newest and hottest rising startups, SynBioBeta truly exhibits the gamut of synthetic biology.  We’re inspired by what the future of the industry holds and are dedicated to exploring it with as many company voices as possible in a variety of sessions, including emerging technologies for DNA, health & drug discovery, consumer products, biosecurity & policy, and more.

The Leaders

SynBioBeta gives you the opportunity to hear from some of the brightest and most talented leaders in science and business.  This year’s keynote speaker is MIT Professor of Bioengineering James Collins, whose patented technologies have been licensed by over 25 companies.  In addition to conducting world-renowned academic research, Collins has assisted in the launch of Sample6, Synlogic, EnBiotix, and other successful startups.

You’ll also get to hear from Harvard Professor of Genetics George Church, who has pioneered many innovations in biotechnology from next-generation sequencing to CRISPR/Cas9, gene drives against malaria, engineering pigs for organ transplants, encoding data into DNA, and mammoths. Nor is Church a stranger to the world of industry, co-founding 19 companies including Editas, ReadCoor and Egenesis. Church will be speaking on the topic of How Biology Meets Artificial Intelligence.

The Investors and Experts

For young and seasoned startups alike, SynBioBeta offers opportunities that cannot be missed.  No other conference gives you a better chance to showcase your brand in front of new industry and business contacts, including investors and technology scouts.  The entrepreneurs among our attendees will get the scoop directly from investors in our dedicated panel discussion featuring representatives from five venture capital funds that are pouring money into biotech.

Attendees can also meet and speak with John Cumbers and Karl Schmieder, who have interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs, business leaders, and academics working in synthetic biology as part of their new book, What’s Your Bio Strategy? In addition, you will have an opportunity to learn more about how your company can get involved in future SynBioBeta events and add to your presence with sponsorship and exhibiting opportunities.

The Bay Area

What better place to bring together all the best players in synthetic biology than in the heart of the industry itself?  Lucky for our attendees, San Francisco also happens to be one of the most beautiful and lively places in the country to explore! SynBioBeta has reserved a block of hotel rooms for attendees at the Embassy Suites by Hilton San Francisco Airport conveniently located minutes from the airport and set in an ideal hotel location for sightseeing in the Bay Area.  From the Golden Gate Bridge to the Museum of Modern Art, the city offers an endless supply of destinations to enjoy in your down time.  Check out all that the Bay Area has to offer this October.

Learn even more about our synthetic biology conference and register online here!


Christine Stevenson

Christine Stevenson is a freelance science writer and adjunct professor of biology at the Maricopa Community Colleges in the Phoenix metropolitan area. She holds an M.S. in Biology from Arizona State University and has a background in both wet lab research and venture capital consulting. She lives in Tempe, AZ with her dogs, cats, chickens, and goat.

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