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SynBioBeta Podcast: The Mycelium Revolution: How a mushroom can make food, plastic, and more

Today John Cumbers talks with Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of the biomaterials company Ecovative. He’ll be talking with Eben about:

  • Why mycelium is an ideal host not just for biochemical production but also biomaterials structuring.
  • Eben’s conception of “bio adaptation”, and the relationship of synthetic biology to “the good life.”
  • What emerging products and markets he is most excited about these days, be it plastics, plant-based foods, or even the scaffolding for growing organs.

Ecovative is a world-leading biomaterials company that is adapting natural processes to create sustainable materials. Eben has evangelized a strategy of bio-adaptation around the world, including presentations at TED Global, PopTech, and Davos. Ecovative has been recognized as a Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum, for its potential impact on climate change by the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, the EPA Environmental Quality Award, and the Buckminster Fuller Challenge for socially responsible design.

Here are a few of the pictures Eben referenced throughout the podcast.

Picture of a tiny house
Tiny house with mycelium insulation
Picture of mycelium bacon.
Bacon made from mycelium

microscopic view of mycelium.
The detail and intricacy of mycelium up close
Picture of ecovative packaging.
Ecovative shipped back our podcast microphone using their mycelium packaging.

Thanks to Ecovative (@ecovative) for making this episode possible.

Connect with Eben: @ebanbayer

Connect with John: @johncumbers

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