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SynBioBeta 2021 is Pushing to January 25-27, 2022

The COVID lemons keep coming, which means we get to keep making delicious lemonade! 

While SynBioBeta is beyond excited to host our global bioeconomy reunion conference,  the current Delta variant conditions and international travel restrictions have made it prudent to push our conference dates to January 2022. 

Rather than revert to a digital conference, we have decided to reschedule our live event to January 25-27, 2022. We will maintain the same exciting three-day agenda (including our Race Against the Clock event!), will still host the conference at the Oakland Marriott City Center, and will automatically extend any ticket purchases to the new conference dates. 

Between now and January, we intend to leverage this extra time to help create even more awareness and excitement for the amazing work our industry is doing. We will keep you closely apprised of our progress and look forward to seeing you all on January 25, 2022.

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