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SGI-DNA Launches Automated Gene Libraries for Accelerated Drug Discovery and Development Research

LA JOLLA, CA — March 29, 2018 —SGI-DNA Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthetic Genomics Inc. (SGI), today launched BioXp™ Libraries for rapidly building diverse synthetic DNA fragments including degenerate, scanning, and variant libraries. For researchers working in drug discovery biology, structural biology, synthetic biology, and antibody and enzyme engineering, BioXp™ Libraries overcome several traditional challenges with library synthesis including time-to-construction and design flexibility.

“Library production is a powerful tool often used in drug discovery workflows. The BioXp™ System automates the production of libraries building them quickly and efficiently, two key benefits for cost and time-sensitive projects,” said Julie Robinson, senior product manager at SGI-DNA. “Accelerating this workflow can have direct and immediate impact on the discovery and screening of novel biologics, such as vaccines or other recombinant therapeutic proteins.”

Synthetically designed variant libraries allow for more precise control over sequence diversity and address inefficiencies found in classic mutagenesis approaches. BioXp™ Libraries are also a cost-effective and time-saving alternative compared to traditional methods or outsourced service providers. BioXp™ Libraries can be created in as little as five days saving weeks or months.

Libraries built on the BioXp™ System support a variety of downstream applications including gene engineering, gene modification, and site-directed mutagenesis studies. Additional downstream applications continue to emerge as users discover the potential of the BioXp™ System.

“We are dedicated to helping researchers streamline their genomic workflows and harness the power of synthetic biology,” said Dan Gibson, VP of DNA Technology at Synthetic Genomics. “As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation by developing novel downstream applications for the BioXp™ System, we are committed to making these new technologies accessible for research programs and drug development.”

More about the BioXp™ System

The BioXp™ System is an automated benchtop genomic workstation providing researchers powerful applications in synthetic biology. Starting with electronically transmitted sequence data from anywhere in the world, the BioXp System can build synthetic linear DNA fragments, automate cloning, build diverse libraries, and perform DNA prep for next-generation sequencing with new applications in development.

All products are for research use only and are not intended for diagnostic uses.

More information on the BioXp System and BioXp Libraries is available at www.sgidna.com/bioxp and sgidna.com/dna_libraries.


SGI-DNA is a leading developer and provider of synthetic genomic products and services to discover, design, and build novel solutions for basic research. We are a cGMP certified gene synthesis laboratory for clinical, biomedical and industrial applications, including whole genome sequencing, DNA synthesis, library design, bioinformatics, cell engineering, and plasmid DNA cloning and purification. In 2015, we launched the BioXp™ System, the first DNA printer for constructing DNA fragments, automated cloning and next-generation sequencing library prep and variant library assembly. SGI-DNA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Synthetic Genomics Inc. in San Diego, California. More information is available at www.sgidna.com.

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