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Ranomics Launches Q-Strands DNA Fragment

TORONTO, CANADA (August 29 2019) – Ranomics, a leading provider of DNA variant libraries and high throughput-screening platforms through its VariantFindTM and VERG technologies, today announced Q-Strands, the company’s new synthetic DNA fragment product.

“The addition of Q-Strands, which are assembled using a proprietary ligation method, to our product offerings will help us support more research discoveries. As a customer-oriented service-provider, we are committed to providing our partners with low cost and high quality long and complex sequences,” said Leo Wan, CEO of Ranomics. “Our Q-Strand product was made to meet the demands of current synthetic biology. We want our partners to be able to test all the hypotheses they set out to test”

Features and benefits of Q-Strands DNA fragments include:

  • Undergo size verification by electrophoresis
  • Assemble gene fragments of high/low-GC content or repeat sequences (upon sequence review by Ranomics)
  • No limitation on the number of non-standard nucleotides
  • Integrate any IUPAC nucleotides (N, K, R, Y, S, W, M, B, D, H or V) anywhere in DNA fragment
  • Receive fragments in single tubes or 96-well plate formats

Q-Strands is now available for as low as $0.14 per base, starting at $75.00 per fragment. For more information on Q-Strands, visit https://www.ranomics.com/dna-fragment.

About Ranomics 

Ranomics is a Toronto-based biotechnology company whose mission is to enable transformative discoveries using genomics. Using its VariantFindTM and VERG genomics platforms, Ranomics offers partners high-throughput screening services and tools across a wide range of applications. Ranomics is committed to providing top-quality genomics solutions at competitive costs with quick turnaround time. Ranomics is an alumnus of IndieBio and graduate of JLabs Toronto. For more information, please visit www.ranomics.com.

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