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Provivi® announces regulatory approval of first sprayable pheromone product for the control of Fall Armyworm in Brazil.

Provivi®, an emerging biotechnology company using pheromones to protect crops from major damaging insects, announces the regulatory approval in Brazil of its pheromone based mating disruption product for the control of Fall Armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda).

The approval to commercialize our pheromone product by the regulatory authorities in Brazil is the first for a liquid foliar sprayable formulation against Fall Armyworm. It marks the first step in a shift towards a new concept for controlling this pest. The product is approved for use in any relevant crops attacked by the Fall Armyworm.

“This registration marks the beginning of a new era of effective, affordable, and preventative protection against Fall Armyworm.

For Provivi®, farmers are the cornerstone of our organization. We are therefore grateful and excited to be able to offer farmers sustainable solutions improving their crops, business, and livelihoods.

The PherogenTM product is the first in a series of planned product introductions against other damaging pests. By adopting Provivi’s pheromone technology, farmers in Brazil have a tool enabling them to rethink the way to protect their crops from damaging insect pest populations, says Ricardo Miranda, Country Manager Brazil & Argentina at Provivi

“It is gratifying to register the first sprayable formulation against Fall Armyworm in Brazil and contribute with an offer of innovative products, favorable to the farmer, consumer, and the environment. Provivi’s technology aligns with the Brazilian government’s initiatives that have been promoting the use of more sustainable solutions. These initiatives are also visible in the Regulatory system which has specialized staff designated for biologicals and low toxicity products”, says Mrs. Simone Palma, Global Head of Regulatory affairs at Provivi,”

About Provivi®

We are a groundbreaking science-based company creating scalable, safer insect control technology that will improve the quality of life for all humans and our world.

Provivi® is developing a family of safe, effective, and economical pheromone solutions, creating a new foundation for pest and resistance management in crop production. Pheromones are substances that serve as highly selective attractants for insects, allowing the control of harmful pests while preserving beneficial insects. Provivi’s patented production method enables a step-change in the cost of manufacturing pheromones, allowing the use of this proven tool in high-acreage crops such as corn, rice, and soy.

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Media Contacts
Ricardo Miranda, Country Manager, Brazil & Argentina: rmiranda@provivi.com

Source: https://provivi.com/en/press-release/provivi-announces-regulatory-approval-of-first-sprayable-pheromone-product-for-the-control-of-fall-armyworm-in-brazil


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