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NuLeaf Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign on SeedInvest

NuLeaf Tech is fundraising on the equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest! Water is life; water is everything. From rural residents to bustling industries, unleash the power of your recycled water with the NuTree. Join the NuLeaf family and disrupt the $91.5 bn water treatment & recycling markets!

NuLeaf Tech is the first to offer water treatment  & recycling on a small scale with expandable units – all with naturally occurring plants and microbes! The NuTree is a self-powered system that needs only polluted water to provide reusable water, bioenergy, and microgreens.

Today, effective water treatment is only available at a large scale and our water solutions have remained largely unchanged for over 100 years. NuLeaf believes this is not only unacceptable, but that the solutions to help societies reach their true potential are right outside our window.

NuLeaf is unique in the use of biomimicry in combination with the circular economy. They take design inspiration from nature “…to take biotech to greater heights to impact our infrastructure and cities” says Co-Founder and CEO Rachel Major, who holds degrees in biology and chemistry from Drexel University, and a certificate in management from Stanford University.

Another key is modularity. “Normally you spend millions on a treatment system that can treat “x” amount.” says co-founder and CTO Ari Ochoa, a microbiologist and DIY engineer,  “Once you surpass that, you need to shell out even more money for a new system”. NuTrees can not only treat water at any scale, but expansion is easy and cheap.

NuLeaf’s beachhead market is craft beer, a booming industry hindered by water costs. In some areas, NuTrees can have an ROI of one year to turn water pain into growth. After breweries, NuLeaf envisions expanding next into urban farming, agriculture, municipalities, and rural living.

NuLeaf Tech

NuLeaf Tech is a DIY group turned start up. They’ve graduated from the accelerator RebelBio, run by SOSVentures, who are also participating in funding the round. Major milestones include a Patent pending status for a US patent and agreements from Scottish brewery Jaw Brew and Silicon Valley brewery Steel Bonnet to implement pilot systems.

Help make bio-inspired water recycling easy for a healthier world. Invest in sustainability – invest in NuLeaf. Find out more at:

NuLeaf Tech

About SeedInvest

SeedInvest is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that provides individual investors with access to pre-vetted startup investment opportunities and has only accepted 1% of those companies to feature on the platform. For more information, visit

NuLeaf Tech is offering securities under Regulation CF and Rule 506c of Regulation D. In tandem to this, NuLeaf has filed a Form C with the Securities and Exchange Commission. To learn more about NuLeaf Tech, SeedInvest, and equity crowdfunding, visit


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