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June 2017

Novel Biomaterial That Filters Out Harmful Micropollutants Wins Science Award

Second Microbial and Plant Systems Modulated by Secondary Metabolite Meeting – Joint Genome Institute

Intellia Therapeutics Announces Patent for CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing in China

CRISPR Therapeutics Announces Patent for CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing in China

Dr. Una Ryan Joins Elemental Machines Board of Directors

Synlogic™ Doses First Subject in Phase 1 Trial of Novel Class of Synthetic Biotic™ Medicines

Vonnie Estes to Receive 2017 Rosalind Franklin Award

ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Report Breakthrough in Algae Biofuel Research

Twist Bioscience and the BioBricks Foundation Announce Partnership to Provide 10,000 Public-Benefit Genes to the Synthetic Biology Community

Twist Bioscience and BioBricks Foundation Announce Unique Partnership

Alexandria LaunchLabs, NYC’s Premier Life Science Startup Platform, Celebrates Grand Opening and Awards Inaugural $100,000 Entrepreneurship Prize

SB7.0 The Seventh International Meeting on Synthetic Biology: Days 1 and 2

Twist Bioscience Adds $27 Million to its 2017 Financing

Eligo Bioscience Awarded as Technology Pioneer by World Economic Forum

James Collins To Keynote At SynBioBeta SF 2017

“Selling Half-baked Cakes” – by Emilia Díaz, Founder of Kaitek Labs

Intellia Therapeutics and San Raffaele University and Research Hospital to Combine CRISPR/Cas9 Genome Editing with Enhanced Cell Therapies to Fight Cancer

Synlogic Meets First Discovery Milestone in Partnership with AbbVie

Cell Design Labs Announces Issuance of Broad Patent for Chimeric Notch (synNotch™) Receptor to Treat Cancer and Other Diseases