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The DNA Industry Is Going Cell-Free

All humans use DNA: Each adult has about 260 grams of human DNA in their cells that stores trillions of copies of their genetic blueprint. But people working in synthetic biology use more than most—DNA is a fundamental...

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Breaking News: New Kingdom of Life Discovered

Scientists have just announced an impossible discovery—a new kingdom of life has been found. Previously unknown to science, this 9th kingdom of life, already being called “the 9th wonder of the world,” was...

Can Monoclonal Antibodies Cure Alzheimer’s?

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything in the last year, it’s the enormous role that antibodies play in keeping us not only alive but well. Antibodies—proteins produced by the body’s immune systems—destroy...

CRISPR Clinical Trials

CRISPR Clinical Trials: A 2021 Update

This article was first published by the Innovative Genomics Institute. 2020 was a big year for CRISPR — the discoveries of new Cas proteins, use of CRISPR technology to study and develop diagnostic tests of COVID-19, a...

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