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September 2018

How this synbio startup is transforming agriculture, feeding the world, and cleaning up the planet

How Manchester’s SYNBIOCHEM is harnessing the power of synthetic biology to scale up the production of chemicals and materials

Steve Wozniak vs. George Church: The original homebrew computer club meets DIYBio

Thermo Fisher Scientific Releases Gene Synthesis and Genome Editing Products in China

VariantFind™ by Ranomics announces distribution agreement with Axil Scientific

How one company is empowering synthetic biology by making high-fidelity DNA at scale

Asilomar Bio rebrands as Sound Agriculture

Building synthetic biology companies at scale: Practical advice from seasoned investors and entrepreneurs

Maxygen Appoints Steven B. Riedmuller as Chief Executive Officer

Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Genome Editing IP Portfolio

Molecular Assemblies Expands Patent Portfolio in Enzymatic DNA Synthesis

BioBright and Beckman Coulter announce a strategic partnership to bring enhanced technical support capabilities to instruments

Inovio Develops Novel H3N2 Influenza DNA Vaccine That Generates Cross-Reactive Responses and Provides Complete Protection Against Lethal Preclinical Challenges

Ecovia Renewables Awarded $500,000 Phase IIB NSF Grant to Develop High-Performing and Eco-Friendly Superabsorbent Biopolymers

Evonetix makes key appointments to support development of novel gene synthesis technology

The challenges of big green: Scaling sustainability at Procter & Gamble

CRISPR Therapeutics and ViaCyte Announce Strategic Collaboration to Develop Gene-Edited Stem Cell-Derived Therapy for Diabetes

Atomwise Enters into an Evaluation Agreement with Pfizer

How to make DNA data storage a commercially viable solution — and bring physical data ownership back

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