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News digest #258 – The bioautomation age, Green New Deal for SynBio? and bioscience in space (sponsored by Labcyte)


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One of the biggest frustrations life scientists face is time lost due to menial, manual wet lab processes such as pipetting or interval plate readings. This week’s digest focuses on automation, so we spoke with Chris Grimley of Labcyte to learn how the field of automation is growing and why automated acoustic liquid handling will become an instrumental technology in synthetic biology.


Is there a place for biologists in the age of automation? SynBioBeta contributor Daphne Ng explores how automation and algorithms facilitate biological science research, helping scientists answer the most challenging questions in biology.

If you want to get your bio-automation on then join Labcyte and others at SynBioBeta 2019 on October 1-3 in San Francisco *Early bird ends Jan 31st!* to see how synthetic biology is disrupting lab automation. Other exhibitors include Berkeley Lights, Hamilton Company, HighRes Biosolutions, and Singer Instruments. Also, check out our SynBioBeta Deep Dive with Amyris and Labcyte on increasing strain construction efficiency and reducing reaction volumes.

Much ado about the Green New Deal, but what is it, why should synthetic biology care, and how can you help shape it? The Green New Deal will be a feature of SynBioBeta 2019, and this week we share the first in a series on how the Green New Deal can benefit the planet, workers, and companies alike. Join our Green New Deal Town Hall, a webinar live from Washington D.C. with Opentrons Founder Will Canine on Tuesday, February 5 at 9am Pacific / noon Eastern to share your ideas for how the synthetic biology industry can contribute to this program.

In space, lots of progress has been made toward making the space lab more analogous to the Earth lab in the past few years. Check out our brief history of bioscience in space: SynBioBeta editor Embriette Hyde explores how companies such as NanoRacks are collaborating with NASA to expand the scope of space bioscience.

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Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

Scientific Consultant/Senior Scientific Consultant: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

Scientist I, Molecular Diagnostics Platform Innovation: CRISPR diagnostics startup

VP of Engineering: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

Senior Synthetic Biology Scientist: Rejuvenate Bio, San Diego, CA

Senior Front End Engineer: Riffyn, Oakland, CA

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