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News Digest #248 – Twist’s IPO, IndieBio’s demo day, Synlogic’s new data and Ginkgo’s de-extinct scent.


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Twist’s IPO last week has the company up more than 10% from its opening price of $14, valuing the company at $421M.

Demand is rising for a well-trained generation of synthetic biologists to help industry meet government targets and sustainable development goals. This week, learn how leaders in the UK are training future generations of synthetic biologists.

IndieBio’s Demo Day was yesterday, with 13 companies presenting on a range of new and cool bio companies ready to hit the market.

Visolis is finalizing the acquisition of its first production plant, located in Ontario, Canada. Originally built to produce succinate — ”a bio building block”  — Visolis CEO Deepak Dugar says that by early 2019, he expects the plant will be producing a range of sustainable, carbon-negative materials.

In living medicines, Synlogic presented preliminary data from its first Synthetic Biotic(™) Clinical Candidate. The data highlight the advantages of Synlogic’s unique synthetic biotic approach to activate the local innate immune system for the potential treatment of solid tumors.

Finally, in resurrection news, Ginkgo Bioworks has succeeded in reviving the smell of an extinct flower by expressing the genes needed for making its pungent aroma molecules in microbes. Want to know what a Hawaiian hibiscus flower that vanished from the dry-land forests of Maui in the early 1910s smells like? Read this article.

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Who’s hiring?

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Senior Software Engineer (Synthetic Biology Automation), Edinburgh Genome Foundry

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