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News Digest #242 – Download our program guide, Sutro’s IPO + 14 awesome workshops. (sponsored by Synthego)



Hi all,In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been investing in digital media this year at SynBioBeta. The program guide has tripled in size and the printed version is stunning. You can download the event PDF here and sign up to watch the live stream here.

Twist Bioscience, Microsoft and the University of Washington are at it again with DNA data storage. They just announced a partnership with The Arch Mission Foundation to create an archive of knowledge encoded into DNA to be stored on the moon! It will be included in the Lunar Library™ and will feature 10,000 crowdsourced images and 20 books. Twist will be speaking about this in the DNA Data storage session next week.

I am also really excited about Brooks Automation’s acquisition of global leader in genomics R&D, Genewiz, in a cash-only deal that will enable both companies to contribute to the life sciences in even bigger ways.

Thanks to Synthego for sponsoring today’s digest. Check out Kevin Holden’s talk as part of the session on engineered cell therapies next week. Also check out some of the other featured speakers at SynBioBeta next week:

And all these companies!

Also this week, read how CRISPR is fighting breast cancer: Twist Bioscience announced a study on CRISPR-based mutagenesis experiments that have important implications for the future of breast cancer treatment.

In other news, we take a look at how Touchlight Genetics, the London-based winner of the 2016 Best Emerging UK Synthetic Biotech Company award, is revolutionizing DNA-based therapeutics and technologies by removing the limitations of large-scale DNA supply.

The Future of Fish Feed (F3) is accelerating the adoption of ingredients that can substitute and replace wild-caught fish in the aquaculture feed industry. They will be exhibiting at SynBioBeta conference to invite entrepreneurs and investors to participate in an incentive prize to create a “fish-free fish oil” made with beneficial omega fatty acids.

Finally, Sutro Biopharma just announced it’s $85 Million IPO! I told you it was the year of cell free!

Check out these 14 awesome breakouts at SynBioBeta next week:

  • Cost-efficient DNA construction and sequencing using acoustic liquid handling (sponsored by Labcyte)
  • Affordable, open-source lab automation (sponsored by Opentrons)
  • Protein engineering (sponsored by Codexis)
  • “America’s Seed Fund”: Using NSF SBIR to transform your technology into commercial success (sponsored by the National Science Foundation)
  • The power of digitization and biofabrication (sponsored by BASF)
  • Game-changing DNA construct design (sponsored by GenScript)
  • Lab data to machine learning in 30 seconds (sponsored by Riffyn)
  • A New Approach to Classifying Industrial Microorganisms – moving the discussion beyond ‘Natural’ vs GMO (sponsored by DuPont)
  • Partnering opportunities with Procter & Gamble (sponsored by Procter & Gamble)
  • Beer brewing and synthetic biology: The Sleight Beer Lab
  • Women founders’ mentoring lunch and learn (sponsored by Ginkgo Bioworks)
  • Advances in DNA synthesis (sponsored by Thermo Fisher)
  • DNA data storage: Quo vadis? (sponsored by SemiSynBio)
  • Building synthetic biology companies that scale (sponsored by Mayfield/WSGR)

And check out these 8 free Synthetic Biology Week satellite events!


Vonnie Estes named PMA vice president of technology
Amyris enters into collaboration agreement with Yifan Pharmaceutical Co.
Protect the ocean: Applying synthetic biology based on systems thinking
Riffyn breaks new ground in scientific data sharing
Battery Ventures acquires TTP Labtech, leader in liquid handling & sample management technologies
Syngenta Ventures invests in $2.9m seed round for pest control startup BioPhero

NSF Call for proposals – Understanding the Rules of Life: Building a Synthetic Cell

NEB Podcast Episode #8 –Interview with Tom Knight: The Future of Synthetic Biology

Bridging the Gap Between Electronics and Biology: Thanks to advancements in synthetic biology, consumers might one day use their phones to detect and treat disease (IEEE Spectrum)

With CRISPR’s help, KSQ touts 13 cancer drugs and bags another $80M (Xconomy)

Johnson & Johnson CAR-T partner GenScript yo-yos on fake data allegations (Fierce Biotech)

Genetically engineered viruses discern, destroy E. coli in drinking water (Science Daily)

Who’s Hiring?

Senior Scientist, Fungal Strain Engineering: LifeMine, Cambridge, MA

Synthetic Biologist: bioMASON, Research Triangle Park, NC

Research Associate – Molecular Microbiology: bioMASON, Research Triangle Park, NC

Program Manager, Catalyst Science Fund: Revive & Restore, San Francisco, CA

Chemoinformatics Scientist: DiCE Molecules, Redwood City, CA

Principal Scientist, Automation Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Software Architect: CATALOG, Boston, MA

Postdoctoral Associate: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Synthetic Biology Center, Cambridge, MA USA

Anaerobic Microbiology Lead: Eligo Bioscience, Paris, France

Anaerobe Engineer: Eligo Bioscience, Paris, France

Scientist, Microbiologist: Pivot Bio, Berkeley, CA

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