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News Digest #223 – Faster DNA synthesis, Benchling raises $14.5M, CRISPR patents, and more


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Join me in congratulating Benchling for raising $14.5 million in Series B funding to accelerate biological engineering with its unified cloud solution for LIMS, sample tracking, and workflow management. Amyris also announced a $50 million agreement for a project consortium in Europe – the largest biotechnology grant ever awarded in Portugal. In the markets, Gevo stock soared more than 72% Tuesday, after closing up a stunning 262% on Monday, after the EPA announced the approval of isobutanol at a 16% blend level in gasoline.

In science and technology, a JBEI spin-out announced a new way to enzymatically synthesize DNA that promises to be faster, cheaper, and more accurate than current state-of-the-art. Sebastian Palluk and Dan Arlow (pictured below) are commercializing the technology through their start-up, Ansa Biotechnologies.

CRISPR Therapeutics, Intellia Therapeutics and Caribou Biosciences announced the grant of a U.S. patent for CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. The Japanese Patent Office also granted Charpentier, UC Berkeley, and University of Vienna its first Japanese patent with broad claims covering the CRISPR/Cas9 technology.

This week, in a story from the UK’s national centre for the commercialization of synthetic biology (SynbiCITE), we take a look at how Open Cell is transforming shipping containers into lab space in London. Come hear the story of how it all began with Co-founder Thomas Meany at SynBioBeta 2018, and check out these other recently confirmed speakers:

Also speaking at SynBioBeta 2018 will be John Nicols, CEO of Codexis, who we spoke with this week about how leading pharma companies like Merck and GSK are proactively exploiting the power of synthetic biology to create new value, and how Codexis itself is changing what’s possible in protein engineering and protein therapies.

Finally, we explore how Twist Bioscience is developing improved methods for sequencing just the coding segments of DNA that can greatly reduce costs and wait times for screening and diagnosis for a range of genetic diseases.

We’re pleased to announce a special webinar in partnership with SynbiCITE on global developments in the synthetic biology industry on Thursday, July 5. The webinar will also focus on business development opportunities at the SynBioBeta Global Summit (October 1-3) and a special SynbiCITE UK Showcase on October 1, both in San Francisco.


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All the News

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AgBiome awarded multi-year grant for biological nematicide project (Press release)

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