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KnipBio Announces Success with Third Single Cell Protein Product

(Lowell, MA) September 10, 2018. KnipBio Inc., a Massachusetts-based biotech company developing alternative proteins for the animal feed industry, announced the successful completion of a feed efficacy trial on Atlantic salmon using KBM500, the company’s astaxanthin-rich premium protein. This marks the third version of KnipBio’s single cell protein (SCP) to pass initial quality and efficacy trials.

According to Larry Feinberg, CEO of KnipBio, “To make this feed trial possible, we had to first scale production of KBM500 to the interim manufacturing stage.  This marks the third KBM product to be scaled to this size and is further demonstration of the maturity and reproducibility of the KnipBio Meal manufacturing technology.”

The feed trials showed no significant difference in feed conversion ratio or weight gain for Atlantic salmon fed diets containing 5%, 10%, and 15% KBM500 when compared to fish fed a standard diet. The trials were conducted over a period of 28 days by an independent, third-party research organization.

Feinberg continued, “We have now completed successful efficacy trials with three different protein products: KBM203, which is rich in prebiotic compounds, our high-protein KBM324 ingredient, and now KBM500. The tests have been conducted on commercially important finfish and crustacean species including salmonids, yellowtail, and Pacific white shrimp, and demonstrated KBM-based aquafeed diets offer equal or better performance than fishmeal. We view this is strong evidence that KBM is highly suitable as a protein replacement for soy or fishmeal in an aquafeed, while at the same time providing additional functional feed benefits. I am increasingly encouraged by these trial results, particularly in the area of reduced animal mortality and overall growth performance.”

This recent palatability test is part of KnipBio’s ongoing efforts to advance it’s PROTEINplus nutritional platform technology. Approximately twenty trials to date have successfully confirmed the effect of KBM on growth rates and feed conversion ratios, and have also confirmed KBM has no discernible effect on fish’s taste, color, or texture.

Feinberg continued, “By demonstrating both manufacturability and feed efficacy, our KBM500 project has proven to be a double win. The next stage in our nutritional program is expanding our research to include large scale field trials. This will enable us to show the effectiveness of KBM in real world conditions including exposure to potential pathogens and environmental fluctuations. Success under these conditions will further cement KBM’s position as a premium aquafeed ingredient.”

About KnipBio:  KnipBio, Inc., is a Massachusetts-based company pioneering advanced nutritional solutions for animal feeds from sustainable and responsible feedstocks.  Using innovative biotechnology, the company has developed KnipBio Meal – a range of premium aquafeed ingredients built around our ‘PROTEINplus‘ technology that combine immunonutrients with single cell protein. KnipBio is committed to maintaining a level of transparency to promote sustainable and environmentally sound practices.  For more information, visit www.knipbio.com or contact us at info@knipbio.com 

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