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KnipBio Announces High Performance Aquafeed Ingredient

KnipBio announced today it has developed a sustainable aquafeed containing as much total protein as high-grade fishmeal and equivalent levels of essential amino acids. The new product, KBM324, is a single cell protein (SCP) derived from a strain of the bacteria Methylobacterium extorquens
​ with up to 70% crude protein plus powerful antioxidants.

According to Larry Feinberg, CEO of KnipBio, “KBM324 is an important milestone in the development of our SCP lineage and is a direct response to market needs. The aquaculture industry is looking for sustainable fishmeal replacements because it recognizes future growth will require new premium proteins that do not compromise nutritional performance. Importantly, KBM324 is an excellent source of essential amino acids such as lysine and methionine as well as other immune-enhancing molecules. Preliminary feed trials suggest KBM324 can complement or substitute fishmeal and soybean meal in many aquaculture feed formulas.”

KBM324 has successfully progressed through the pre-commercialization stage, where the company determines it can be manufactured at scale. The next stage, planned for the second half of this year, is to move production to commercial-demonstration size fermentation vessels. The company is also planning additional feed trials targeting multiple finfish and crustacean species to demonstrate safety, efficacy, and performance.
Feinberg added, “KBM324 demonstrates how our​PROTEIN​plus biotechnology platform continues to evolve. To date we have created and characterized nearly 1000 different microbial strains with the goal of providing the aquaculture industry a pipeline of feed ingredients targeted at different species and growth stages, including an SCP that contains even higher amounts of protein than fishmeal.”

About KnipBio​

​KnipBio, Inc.​, is a Massachusetts-based company pioneering advanced nutritional solutions for animal feeds from sustainable and responsible feedstocks. Using innovative biotechnology, the company has developed KnipBio Meal- a range of premium aquafeed ingredients built around the company’s ‘​PROTEIN​plus’
​ technology that combine immunonutrients with single cell protein. KnipBio is committed to maintaining a level of transparency to promote sustainable and environmentally sound practices. For more information, visit​ ​www.knipbio.com​ ​or contact us at info@knipbio.com

Contact: KnipBio Inc. Emma Marsh | (978) 636-5647 info@knipbio.com

Source: https://www.knipbio.com/press-releases


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