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Innovative Wellness Ingredient Company, Purissima, Announces Launch

Proprietary platform allows for large-scale production of natural, high-demand ingredients for next-generation wellness

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Purissima, a health and wellness company, announced their launch today. Purissima has developed a bio-based ingredient platform technology that enables large-scale production and supply of natural, high-demand compounds currently derived from plant sources. Purissima partners with leading brands in the global health and wellness industry to provide pure, natural compounds and pharmaceuticals, made-to-order, at unprecedented commercial scale and economics for everyday personal care, consumer health and nutrition. The ingredients support overall health and nutrition, plus provide affordable, high-impact therapeutics for people suffering from a wide range of neurological and metabolic indications, chronic pain, inflammation, sleep disorders, cancer and other chronic conditions that impact most individuals at some point in their lifetimes.

Recognizing the declining diversity of medicinal plants and the consequent threats of increased costs and reduced access to valued health and wellness ingredients, Purissima is committed to scaling its platform to provide broad access to natural and alternative remedies worldwide.

“We started Purissima knowing there was a better way to craft ingredients that are currently sourced from the wild. We use our incredibly disruptive platform to produce powerful and affordable products at scale and address a global market opportunity of more than $300 billion, and growing at unprecedented rates,” said Rob Evans, co-founder of Purissima. “As a company dedicated to the democratization of personalized health and wellness, we now have the technology and expertise to enable millions of people around the world to live longer, happier lives.“

The founders of Purissima, George Rudenko and Rob Evans, successfully pioneered new biotechnologies in the past, developing and commercializing a diverse array of innovative and disruptive products. Inspired by a substantial, unmet need in the wellness space, and recognizing the breadth of their platform as a superior catalyst for the production of natural ingredients, they garnered support from angels and venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Midwest, agricultural technology investors and a leading public company in the wellness space.

Purissima is a resident company of Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS in South San Francisco (JLABS @ SSF).

For more information about Purissima, please go to www.purissima.bio.

About Purissima

Purissima is the next-generation natural ingredient company, delivering the purest, most reliable, highest quality compounds and formulations at scale for the global health and wellness industry. We tap into the power of the earliest forms of plant life, microorganisms, to evolve production of diverse natural bio-active compounds. We make ingredients that enable our partners to deliver differentiated, affordable and impactful next-generation health & wellness products to millions of households worldwide. Purissima is located in San Francisco, California.


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