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How Science Will Actually Solve Climate Change

If our planet gets 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer, all coral reefs will die, while flooding, droughts, extreme heat waves, and storms will become extreme on a global scale. At this year’s UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) summit, world leaders have gathered to discuss climate change and take urgent action. COP26 is being called the make-or-break climate summit because many view it as the last chance to make significant changes that could prevent disastrous global warming. 

Coinciding with the COP26 summit, The New York Times Climate Hub is bringing leaders and thinkers together to discuss actual climate strategies. Leaps by Bayer is one of the supporting sponsors of The New York Times Climate Hub and is sponsoring six talks, which are curated by the New York Times editorial team. These fascinating conversations are available for free through on-demand viewing. 

Be sure to check out the following talks: 

One theme that is emerging from COP26 is the essential role of science in solving climate change. Leaps by Bayer has profiled three portfolio companies that are leveraging the biology revolution whose work could address climate change. Co-created with The New York Times T-Brand Studio, these video profiles highlight Sound Agriculture, CoverCress, and Fork & Goode:

  • Sound Agriculture’s nitrogen fixation solution could replace 30% of global nitrogen fertilizer use by activating soil microbes.
  • CoverCress incentivizes farmers to grow a cover crop that generates a low-carbon biofuel and protects soil health. 
  • Fork & Goode is growing cultured meat at scale and sustainably to help feed the world.​

You do not have to be in Glasgow at the COP26 summit to learn more about climate change and take action. Check out The New York Times Climate Hub and get involved. 


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