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GOLDWIN x Spiber x Loaded Boards Joint Research and Development

Announcing collaboration to develop innovative composite materials utilizing bamboo and Brewed Protein™ for skateboard and longboard applications

GOLDWIN Inc. (Goldwin) and Spiber Inc. (Spiber) are pleased to announce the initiation of a joint research and development collaboration with Loaded Boards (Loaded) to develop new bamboo and Brewed Protein™[1] composite materials for skateboard and longboard applications. The companies are also proud to introduce an initial concept board.

Landmark Japanese biomaterials and the Japan-inspired Loaded Omakase̶could this be a match made in longboard heaven? Celebrating with a bottle of sake, we decided to give it a try. After all, the road to a more sustainable future is paved with many challenges, and sometimes it’s good to have a little fun on the way.

Combining Loaded’s long experience and knowhow in bamboo processing with the groundbreaking next generation materials developed by Spiber and Goldwin, the brands announce their first concept board based on the Loaded Omakase design, made primarily from a bamboo and Brewed Protein™ textile sandwich-structured composite material.

The ability to design Brewed Protein™ at the molecular level means that there is enormous potential for customization. The companies are excited to see how proteins designed and produced through a biomanufacturing process can bring unique value and push the bar forward for natural materials in mobility.

[1]Brewed Protein materials are the protein fibers, films, and other types of materials manufactured using Spiber’s proprietary fermentation (brewing) process. Brewed Protein materials show great potential for use in a wide range of industries. With a production process that utilizes plant-derived sugars as primary raw ingredients, Brewed Protein materials are well placed to address increasing market pressure for animal-free, microplastic-free alternatives in the apparel industry. The unique, customizable nature of Brewed Protein materials also shows potential to fulfill growing demand in the automotive and aerospace industries for lighter-weight materials. Through an evolutionary and iterative optimization process which begins at the molecular level, Brewed Protein materials can be tailored to suit the needs of each specific application. Brewed Protein is a trademark of Spiber Inc.

Source: https://www.spiber.jp/uploads/2019/10/Loaded_press_release_1001_en.pdf


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