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Ginkgo Bioworks and Kerry Announce New Technology Partnership

BOSTON, July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Ginkgo Bioworks, the organism company, announced a new partnership with Kerry, the global taste and nutrition company. Ginkgo will work with Kerry on more efficient production of specialty enzymes used in food. This partnership marks Ginkgo’s expansion into the enzyme industry, extending the company’s market reach beyond its existing work in core strain improvement and ingredient development.

Enzymes are the biological machines powering living cells, and are used in a variety of industries to safely and effectively perform chemical reactions, including those that naturally occur in food products. Kerry produces enzymes through fermentation of its proprietary microbial strains and will leverage Ginkgo’s technology to improve the production of specific enzymes used in food.

“Our company has long been focused on using science and technology to make our processes, ingredients and products better,” said Dr. Albert McQuaid, chief technology and innovation officer at Kerry. “Ginkgo Bioworks has a technology platform that we haven’t seen in the enzyme industry before now and we look forward to leveraging their technology to improve the work we’re doing with enzymes in the food industry.”

Ginkgo Bioworks’ platform uses automated processes and custom software to design and build microbial strains that can produce valuable products during the process of fermentation, including cultured ingredients and enzymes. This partnership marries Ginkgo’s technology with the expertise Kerry has already established in enzyme production, creating an efficient, fast and more effective way to create enzymes for the food industry.

“Our work in food is more than flavors and ingredients; we’re working with companies to put biology to work in strain improvement and enzymes as well,” said Jason Kelly, Ginkgo Bioworks CEO and co-founder. “Kerry is an industry leader in food development and a market leader in enzymes – the ability to work with Kerry is a huge step forward for Ginkgo’s business. We see this new partnership as a great opportunity to demonstrate the value our technology brings to the food industry.”

About Ginkgo Bioworks
Headquartered in Boston, Ginkgo Bioworks uses the most advanced technology on the planet—biology—to grow products instead of manufacturing them. The company’s technology platform is bringing biotechnology into consumer goods markets, enabling fragrance, cosmetic, nutrition, and food companies to make better products. For more information visit www.ginkgobioworks.com.

About Kerry Group
Kerry Group today is a world leader in Taste & Nutrition serving the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries and a leading consumer foods processing and marketing organisation in selected EU markets. With sales to over 140 countries worldwide, Kerry has grown to become a highly successful public company, having achieved sustained profitable growth with current annualised sales in excess of €6 billion. Launched as a public company in 1986, the market capitalisation of the Group has grown to a current level of approximately €14 billion. Kerry Group now employs over 23,000 people throughout its worldwide activities and operations.

Press Contacts

Melissa Sheridan
Marketing Director, Kerry – Global Technology & Innovation Centre

Grace Emery
Bateman Group for Ginkgo Bioworks

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ginkgo-bioworks-and-kerry-announce-new-technology-partnership-300495248.html


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