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Gen9 Announces Next Generation of the BioFab® DNA Synthesis Platform

Technology enables game-changing economics of 3 cents per base pair for industrial use of synthetic DNA

CAMBRIDGE, MA (March 21, 2016) – Gen9 today unveiled the next generation of the BioFab® DNA synthesis platform enabling the manufacture of mass quantities of high quality, long-length clonal DNA constructs at prices as low as 3 cents per base pair. The new offering, available now as a standard product, is tailored for scientists who utilize megabase quantities of gene-length synthetic DNA for industrial workflows in diverse markets.

This advancement is fueled by the powerful combination of Gen9’s high-throughput BioFab® platform, the first and only industrialized chip-based manufacturing technology for gene synthesis and assembly, and application of the first phase of proprietary multiplexing technology that the company announced earlier this year. This evolution of the BioFab® platform will scale the manufacture of gene synthesis by nearly two orders of magnitude and enable unparalleled cost savings for DNA constructs up to 10,000 base pairs in length.

“We’re delighted to announce this unprecedented and exciting offering which will speed the discovery and development of new products,” said Kevin Munnelly, President and CEO of Gen9. “With this groundbreaking access to extremely low cost, high quality DNA, scientists will be able to explore more design space and create more value. The engineering possibilities are tremendous in specialty chemicals, flavors and fragrances, bioremediation, materials and many other end markets.”

With this new offering Gen9 is engaging partners who utilize multiple millions of base pairs of kilo-base length DNA for emerging synthetic biology applications such as enzyme engineering, metabolic engineering, and genome construction. Partners will take advantage of prices as low as 3 cents per base pair for long-length DNA constructs, a significant savings compared to traditional gene synthesis costs that can exceed 25 cents per base pair. With this new offering, scientists will be able to catalyze their research by testing thousands of protein variants, building multiple versions of complex pathways, and reducing the overall time to discovery.

“Our technology makes possible the validation of new, more aggressive scientific approaches focused on improved workflow efficiencies and parallel testing,” said Devin Leake, Vice President of Research and Development at Gen9. “Enabled by the cost and quality profile of long DNA constructs, researchers will push the envelope, testing double or triple the number of hypotheses in real time to more quickly develop an optimized enzyme or engineer a pathway for sustainable chemical manufacturing.”

This new offering is part of Gen9’s Multiplex Access Partnership (M.A.P.) program, which is available immediately. Companies or research institutions interested should visit www.gen9bio.com/map or contact Gen9 business development at bd@gen9bio.com.

About Gen9

Gen9 is the premier next-generation gene synthesis company focused on high-quality, high-throughput, automated production of DNA constructs. The Gen9 technology allows for the lowest-cost and highest-quality DNA constructs commercially available. Founded by world leaders in synthetic biology, Gen9 aims to ensure the constructive application of synthetic biology in industries ranging from enzyme and chemical production to pharmaceuticals and biofuels. Gen9 is powering the synthetic biology revolution from our headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Visit Gen9 at www.gen9bio.com.




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