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DOULIX and SIRION BIOTECH Release World’s First Online Adeno-Associated Virus Design and Production Tool

AAV Wizard streamlines AAV production workflow from vector design to packaging

Venice, Italy, and Munich, Germany – 11 September 2018. DOULIX™, the synthetic biology toolkit, and SIRION BIOTECH, the viral vector engineering company, today announced the release AAV Wizard, the world’s first cloud-based tool for the design and production of Adeno-associated viruses (AAV), next-generation viral vehicles for gene editing and gene silencing.

“AAV Wizard gives researchers full AAV design and production control while dramatically cutting development time,” said Dr. Carl Christel, Global Marketing Director & Sales USA, Sirion Biotech. “AAV Wizard streamlines the entire process of designing custom AAVs from viral vector design to viral particle packaging.”

The new AAV Wizard combines the power of computer-aided design with cutting-edge wet-lab facilities. The online tool guides users through the AAV design process with lab-validated genetic elements to meet tissue specificity, viral titer, and purification requirements. Researchers can design their viral vector online and have their viral particles delivered to their laboratory.

“AAV Wizard has the potential to transform research by accelerating the creation of AAVs for gene therapy, cell engineering, gene knock-in/out, and gene silencing,” said Davide De Lucrezia, Managing Director, DOULIX. “AAV Wizard leverages Doulix’s cutting-edge bioinformatics tools and Sirion’s 10 years’ experience in virus manufacturing to bring AAV engineering to every lab,”

The Doulix wizard was partially funded by EU Grant Number 686585.

To learn more about DOULIX, visitwww.doulix.com.


Double Helix Technologies (DOULIX™) is an end-to-end solution for synthetic biologists that streamlines the entire synbio workflow from design to fabrication within one single cloud-based application. DOULIX™ is a business unit of EXPLORA BIOTECH Srl. Information about Doulix is available at www.doulix.com.


SIRION Biotech provides custom engineering services of viral vector strategies for research and development in the life sciences and industry. The Germany-based technology expert provides small- to large-scale projects to customers worldwide, more than 200 per year. SIRION Biotech’s unique focus on gene delivery is why it is the only company able to master customization of all three major virus systems that are used regularly for therapeutic and research purposes, to genetically modify mammalian cells. The company has a strong customer base in cancer research, neurosciences, regenerative medicines, gene therapy and immuno-oncology. For more information, visit www.sirion-biotech.com.


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