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DNA Script Presents New Data Demonstrating the Feasibility of the Company’s Enzymatic Synthesis Technology

The company can now synthesize oligos up to 280nt in length with a cycle efficiency of 99.4% — on DNA Script’s proprietary platform, molecular biology researchers will be able to go from design to results in hours rather than days.

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–DNA Script today announced the presentation of new data in support of the company’s innovative enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS) technology. The data demonstrate the feasibility of DNA Script’s technology to provide rapid, high-quality production of oligonucleotides in an easy-to-use benchtop system. DNA Script will present the data at the 2020 Association of Biomolecular Resource Facilities 2020 Annual Meeting held February 29-March 3 in at the Palm Springs Convention Center in Palm Springs, California.

EDS is a disruptive technology that enables simple, robust systems capable of supporting same-day production of high-quality custom oligos. On-demand access to oligos with the ability to make a wide variety of modifications promises to revolutionize genomics research, synthetic biology and precision medicine applications. The technology overcomes many of the inefficiencies of today’s organic chemistry-based synthetic DNA production. Featuring a novel biochemical process for de novo nucleic acid synthesis based on the use of highly efficient enzymes, this method enables enhanced performance while removing the complexity and constraints of the traditional chemical synthesis methods.

“Core labs are the backbone of global research and development, and we are excited to share our data at this key gathering of multidisciplinary researchers and scientists,” said Dr. Thomas Ybert, CEO of DNA Script. “We look forward to providing core labs and research facilities everywhere a desktop synthesis instrument based on our proprietary EDS technology that will boost their efficiency, enabling molecular biology researchers to accelerate their experiments — to go from design to results in hours rather than days.”

Following are the details of the poster session:
 Development of a simple and versatile enzymatic DNA synthesis system that enables accurate, fast, and long oligos on demand
Authors: Patrick Eimerman, Steven Quistad, Benoit Derrien, Sophie Romero, Jeffrey Jeddeloh, Elise Champion, Christine Peponnet, Sylvain Gariel, Xavier Godron, and Thomas Ybert
Date and Time: Monday, March 2, 11:30 a.m.
Location: Palm Springs Convention Center, Oasis 1-3
Poster Number: 139

DNA Script will be located at Booth 228.

About DNA Script
Founded in 2014 in Paris, DNA Script is a disruptive DNA synthesis company engineering biology to accelerate breakthroughs in life science. The company is pioneering an alternative to traditional DNA synthesis called enzymatic DNA synthesis (EDS), making this technology accessible to labs with the world’s first benchtop enzymatic synthesis instrument, SYNTAXTM. By putting DNA synthesis back in the lab, DNA Script is transforming life science research through innovative technology that gives researchers unprecedented autonomy. www.dnascript.com.


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