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Digest #253 – $1.2 billion in 1 week: Moderna $604M IPO, Zymergen $400M, Synthorx $131M IPO, Synthace $25.6M, Elemental Machines $9M, GenEdit $8.5M + our early bird ends Friday!


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Hi all,

It’s been a phenomenal week for the synthetic biology industry with $1.2B flowing into the industry from a couple of big IPOs and some big new funding rounds: Moderna $604M IPO, Zymergen $400M, Synthorx $131M IPO, Synthace $25.6M, Elemental Machines $9M, GenEdit $8.5M, more on all these below.

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This week we focus on the synthetic biology investment ecosystem:

“We can already make everything found in a barrel of petroleum in real time using engineered organisms. The capital costs are lower, the timescales to get the manufacturing spun up and working are lower. Biology isn’t universally outcompeting petrochemicals yet, but it’s clear that that’s coming.”Rob Carlson.

In investment news, “one of the biggest gambles in the history of the life sciences industry made it to Wall Street when Moderna, a developer of messenger RNA drugs—an unproven technology with enormous potential—priced the largest biotech IPO ever ($604M),” according to Xconomy. Zymergen announced $400 Million in Series C funding to leverage artificial intelligence, robotic lab automation, and genomics to unlock previously inaccessible sources of molecular diversity. Zymergen’s platform is able to produce improved molecules for leaders in manufacturing, specialty chemicals, food and agriculture, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

“We believe biology will allow us to reinvent all kinds of material products we use in our everyday lives,”said Joshua Hoffman, Zymergen co-founder and CEO.

Synthorx raised $131 million in an upsized IPO to use an Expanded Genetic Alphabet platform technology to design and scale-up novel proteins to deliver therapies for diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders. Computer aided biology pioneer Synthace secured $25.6 million in series B funding to accelerate R&D whilst reducing cost. GenEdit raised $8.5 million in seed funding to transform the delivery of gene therapies and enable the next generation of non-viral, gene editing-based therapeutics. Elemental Machines announced that they closed a $9 million Series A funding round during the summer to revolutionize science-based industries with insights that help researchers transform laboratory operations.

Laura Shawver, CEO of Synthorx

In space biotech, Precision BioSciences and 15 students from Durham, NC launched the world’s first genome editing experiment in space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The project will explore how microgravity affects the activity of a synthetic enzyme. The program was made possible by Space Center Houston and the DreamUp program, an educational spinoff company from commercial services provider NanoRacks. If you are interested in space exploration, sign up for our newsletter BetaSpace.

Have a great week!

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Who's hiring?

Who’s hiring?

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Fermentation Engineer: Culture Robotics, South San Francisco, CA

Computational Synthetic Biologist: Colorifix, Norwich Research Park

Head of Finance (VP/SVP level): Ginkgo Bioworks

Careers in Protein Engineering at Codexis

Senior Software Engineer: CATALOG

Head of Bioprocess: C16 Biosciences

Engineering Lead: Ansa Biotechnologies

Synthetic and Microbial Biologist: Colorifix, Norwich Research Park

Scientist: CATALOG

Mammalian Synthetic Biology – Protein Engineer: Serotiny

Mechanical Engineer: CATALOG

Synthetic and Microbial Biologist: C16 Biosciences

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