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Carverr’s New Supply Chain “Sandbox”

Starting in 2020, Carverr will use a dedicated supply chain to launch its cutting-edge tracing technology through a partnership with Vedic Brands, LLC, maker of the popular snack Lily Puffs.

This partnership gives Carverr access to an operational end-to-end supply chain, spanning over 7,000 miles from farms in rural India to consumers across the United States.

Vedic Brands has spent a considerable amount of time and capital building a proprietary supply chain to handle the importation of seeds and other commodities that consistently meet FDA standards. Now, Carverr is able to leverage this infrastructure to demonstrate how its tracing technology works in the field. The ability to test and modify Carverr’s bio-tracers in a real world environment considerably de-risks the technology for potential customers.

Raw Lily Puff seeds being denatured and destroyed.

Vedic Brands plans on using Carverr’s tracers to guarantee that only the highest quality and ethically sourced products reach consumers. While Carverr’s target customers are large agricultural enterprises, the company believes all consumer brands should heed the call for greater transparency.

By using Carverr’s tracers, brands can protect themselves from bad actors adulterating and switching critical ingredients. Above, freshly harvested seeds were swapped with stale, poor quality product laden with a harmful pesticide. What was purchased was not was delivered and ultimately, the upstart brand took a considerable financial hit — something that could have been avoided.

Carverr partners with local companies to deploy the tracers at origin, which does not require special equipment and is as easy as lightly misting a designated lot or area. Coupled with a fast, low-tech read out kit, shipments can then be verified at various points in the chain. The cost of implementing this tagging technology is only cents on the dollar but is more akin to crop insurance than an added expense. Unlike other DNA-based tags, Carverr’s tags are more robust and can have a number of indirect benefits to the product itself, such as preventing the growth of pathogens or fungus — all areas in which Carverr is investing heavily.

Yellow = product validated /Red = invalid

Lily Puffs was launched in 2016 by Vishaal Bhuyan and his wife Sarina. The snacks have been popular in a number of “better for you” outlets such as Hu Kitchen and Bonberi Bodega in New York City as well as online retailers Amazon and Bubble. The snacks have also been featured at the TED Global Conference and are available in the corporate offices of Facebook and Google.


Carverr’s summer interns

Carverr, Inc. is a synthetic biology company, backed by SOSV and Draper Associates. It develops traceable probiotics and custom microbiomes to track food and agricultural products through the supply chain. The company was founded by Vishaal Bhuyan, Dr. Ellen Jorgensen and Nirmal Roy in 2018 and its advisory board includes Dr. George Church of the Wyss Institute at Harvard University.

For more information on Carverr, please visit www.carverr.com or follow us on social media: @carverrlabs or @lilypuffsnacks.

Source: https://medium.com/@carverr/carverrs-new-supply-chain-sandbox-ad16a12edc16


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