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Cannabinoid Fermentation Report

This report examines how microbes can be used for the fermentation of cannabinoids, the advantages of biosynthesis over traditional plant extraction, and how biotechnology promises to provide industrial-scale solutions to this fast-growing market. Cannabinoid microbial production has attracted some major industrial players, and the biotech investments build up a significant momentum. For example, Amyris and LAVVAN announced a $300M deal to bring fermentation-derived cannabinoids to the market, Ginkgo Bioworks signed a $100M partnership with Cronos Group, and Intrexon just announced a $100m deal with Surterra to produce cannabinoids with a yeast fermentation platform. Learn more about the emerging cannabinoid fermentation industry at SynBioBeta 2019, October 1-3, San Francisco.

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Kostas Vavitsas

Kostas Vavitsas is a Research Associate at the University of Athens, Greece. He is also community editor for PLOS Synbio, member of the steering committee of EUSynBioS, and communications editor for Omic Engine and EFB-EBBS. Find him on Twitter or LinkedIn

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