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Built With Biology Summit – Propose a Breakout Session

Over 400 people have signed up for our Built With Biology Summit on Wednesday, June 3rd from 8am – 4pm Pacific. Built With Biology is a global event and all are welcome. With California as a working model, we are developing specific policy recommendations to reinvigorate economies everywhere.

We invite you to submit a breakout session idea. Sessions are 45-minute panels and are good for big policy ideas, regional meetups, sector-specific breakouts, or technologies. We’re looking for ideas that will grow the bioeconomy, grow the market, and create a more prosperous, equitable, and sustainable planet.

Some existing breakout topics include:

How can we scale-up pharmaceutical production?
How can we stimulate consumer demand for sustainable products?
How can we engage and educate green-collar workers of the future?
What jobs lost by COVID can be created by the bioeconomy?
How could a California BioPreferred policy stimulate demand?
Can bio-opportunity zones create equitable and prosperous economies?
How can petrochemical refineries be converted to biochemical factories?
What would a digital backbone look like for biomanufacturing?

We’d love to hear your topic ideas. Please fill out this form before noon on Tuesday, May 26th, to join in the fun. If you have not yet signed up for the summit, then you can register here.



John Cumbers

John Cumbers is the founder of SynBioBeta. John is passionate about education and on the use and adoption of biological technologies. He has received multiple awards and grants from NASA and the National Academy of Sciences for his work in the field. John has been involved in multiple startups such as those producing food for space, microbes to extract lunar and martian resources, and hoverboards! John is an active investor through the DCVC SynBioBeta Fund and his synthetic biology syndicate on AngelList.

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