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Biodesign Here Now at the London Design Festival

  1. Exhibition Overview

Biodesign Here Now

The event for Biodesign, the future of materials, manufacturing, architecture & fashion.

This exhibition showcases selected projects to give a first taste of the field of Biodesign – from sustainable pollination to grown fashion to personal medicine.

We are showcasing emerging international designers and start-ups with cutting-edge ideas that will shape our futures. Projects that break the boundaries between biology, design, and technology are featured during the London Design Festival.

Time & Space

19 – 21 September 2019

Open Cell

Old Laundry Yard

Shepherds Bush Market

W12 8EZ London

> Private View <  

19 September

18:00 – 22:00 BST

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20 – 21 September
10.00 – 20.00

Why Biodesign?

The cost of reading and writing DNA has fallen 1 million times in just 20 years. Not since the early days of the digital revolution have we seen a technology advance with such velocity. This impact is being felt beyond biotech and medicine, paving the way for products and systems that will affect our everyday life. Biology will be used increasingly as a key component in our everyday products, helping to create products and methods at lower costs that are healthier and more environmentally friendly.

Increasingly, chemical precursors will be generated using bacterial cells, rather than petrochemicals, leading to a more sustainable future. Highly polluting agricultural processes such as animal rearing can be replaced by lab-grown proteins. Already materials are being developed that mimic natural fibres, alongside methods of colouring them using bacterially derived dyes.

  1. About Open Cell

The exhibition is curated and organized by Open Cell, the first public research centre for consumer-facing biotechnology and biodesigners. Based in Shepherd’s Bush in West London, Open Cell campus hosts 70 shipping containers converted into pop-up biotechnology labs and workspaces.

Find out more here:

  1. Event Highlights

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  • Welcome drinks at our 100% mycelium-grown bar in collaboration with Heston Blumenthal
  • Keynote speakers:
    Suzanne Lee
    Chief Creative Officer at Modern Meadow & Founder of Biofabricate
  • Bio-Fashion Show:
    Hybrid Couture Catwalk with bio-fabricated collections for a more circular & sustainable fashion industry
  • Biodesign Pop-up Shop:

Conscious pop-up shop curated by Open Cell residents showcasing a variety of sustainable and bio-fabricated fashion items, accessory and homeware

4 . Exhibitors

Blast Studio

Paola Garnousset, Pierre de Pingon and Martin Detoeuf – with the aim of exploring the possible relationships between new technologies and living things in order to develop new processes of architectural creation. Digital design and manufacturing tools are at the heart of the studio’s experiments.

Blast Studio

Post Carbon Lab

Post Carbon Lab, founded by Dian-Jen Lin and Hannes Hulstaert, is a transdisciplinary design research studio with a focus on sustainability and dignity. Starting with theoretical prompts and investigating with empirical data collection, they excel at Applied Speculative Design — reframing real-world problems with transformative tech and wild-card thinking. By identifying the right question to ask, they use design as a medium to examine the multi-futures of humanity and scrutinise the need for design and its inherent ecological and social responsibilities.

Post Carbon Lab

Aurelie Fontan

Circular fashion design studio focused on cross-discipline manufacturing processes including innovation, technology, bio-mimicry to foster sustainable and ethical luxury designs.

Aurelie Fontan
Piero D’Angelo

Piero D’Angelo studied Womenswear at Royal College of Art where his material exploration led him to experiment with living systems, including slime mould applied to fabrics and fashion, 3D printing and rapid prototyping as well as speculative biomimicry. His work is a new definition for Couture, where users can grow their own outfit and wear living organisms. Piero was awarded Dorothy Waxman Textile Design Prize and was selected to exhibit at St Etienne Biennale in France.

Piero D’Angelo
Other exhibitors

Meydan Levy, Thora Arnardottir, Paula Nerlich, Martina Taranto, Carolyn Raff, Mira Nameth, Midushi Kochhar, Nicole Stjernswärd, Valentina DiPietro, Chiara Pisapia, Carolina Hermenegildo, Mohammad Jawad, Linda Nurk, Rachael Colley, Alina Peng, Mei Tsang, Lindsay Hanson, Rosie Broadhead, Barbara Drozdek, Channel Thomas, Nikoletta Karastathi, Rebecca Outterside,…

  1. Programme

Biodesign Here Now at the Global Design Forum at the V&A

Monday, 16th of September

14.00 – 14.50

Global Design Forum

(Sign up here)

Hochhauser Auditorium, Victoria and Albert Museum

Symposium: Biodesign Here Now

A showcase of new biomaterial research and development that has been undertaken by designers, brands and material technologists that will transform the material usage, production techniques and material properties in the next two, five and ten years.

Biodesign Here Now at Open Cell

Thursday, 19th of September

18.00 – 22.00

>Private View / Opening Event<
(RSVP only – sign up here)

Biodesign Here Now exhibition

Open Cell, Old Laundry Yard, London

Friday + Saturday, 20th -21st of September

10.00 – 20.00

Biodesign Here Now exhibition

Open to public

  1. 2018 Biodesign Here Now

Last year, Biodesign Here Now hosted 55 exhibitors, over 1500 visitors and Core77 described the event as the “most mind-bending exhibition during the LDF18”.

Sponsors & Media Partners



London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham

U+i ltd.

Premium Media Partners

BRIA, Techstyler

BRIA is a London-based materials innovation agency aiming to transform the way fashion is designed and manufactured.  Our motivation is to drastically reduce textile waste in the supply chain, reduce manufacturing lead times and improve profitability while simultaneously achieving sustainability (for people, processes and planet).

We do this by conducting R&D in collaboration with fashion brands, manufacturers and universities to find solutions to the challenges listed above.  We use textile design (our specific strength is in digital knitwear), materials science, 3D digital design and Augmented Reality to create our solutions.  50% of our work is R&D to find new solutions and 50% is consultancy and collaborations.  Our clients are based in the UK, Europe and Asia.

BRIA’s sister communications company, Techstyler, uncovers the newest innovations in sustainability and fashion-tech through journalism, events and academic research, and acts as a media partner for various industry summits and events.  Techstyler keeps a finger on the pulse of new sustainability and fashion tech research, development and innovations and aims to inform and educate B2B2C companies and consumers.  The Techstyler network includes pioneers, thought-leaders and decision-makers across the fashion and technology industries.

Additional Media Partners

Dezeen, Technology Networks, CRAFTS, Labiotech, ArtsThread

  1. Contact Details

Open Cell

Old Laundry Yard

Shepherds Bush Market

W12 8EZ London

+44 7400 277 072


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