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Beckman Coulter Life Sciences Launches Next-Generation Biolector XT Microbioreactor

m2p-labs, BioLector family of products acquired by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences in 2020 

BAESWEILER, GERMANY (May 25, 2021) – Microbioreactor technology is accelerating and increasing  automation capabilities with the launch of the new BioLector XT Microbioreactor which features the  highest flexibility, enabling more applications in the BioLector series of instruments from m2p-labs, part of  the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Biotechnology Business Unit since November 2020. 

Equipped with patented FlowerPlate microtiter plate technology, the new BioLector XT Microbioreactor  enables high-throughput strain screenings, cultivation parameter monitoring, and feeding strategy  optimization. The BioLector XT Microbioreactor is ideally suited for microbial, fungal, and algal cultivations  with real-time evaluations of biomass, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), and fluorescence for aerobes and  anaerobes. 

“The hallmark of the BioLector XT Microbioreactor is the ability to gather high-quality data in a quick  amount of time with the least amount of manual processes,” said Dr. Sebastian Hofzumahaus, Manager  of Product Management at m2p-labs, now part of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. “This can eliminate the  possibility of human error while also streamlining the lab work. We took every customer comment into  consideration to make this our most powerful BioLector microbioreactor in the decade since we first  launched the iconic series.” 

Popular BioLector microbioreactor features include disposable 48-well Microtiter Plates (MTPs) with  online measurements and a simultaneous pH control and feeding managed by patented microfluidic  technology. The new BioLector XT Microbioreactor includes more flexible combinations of feeding profiles  with customizable protocol settings. 

Another powerful new feature is the ability for gassing with up to 100% oxygen thanks to an innovative  new lid which also allows for anaerobic fed batches. The improved gassing lid reduces gas consumption  and provides an air-tight anaerobic chamber. The chamber can be used in combination with the  microfluidic module to design and test pH-regulated fed-batch microbiome processes without the need to  house the system in an anaerobic tent.

“We have modernized methods to provide a robust and reliable system for continuous operation,”  Hofzumahaus continued. “Our solution eases the pain and expense of unreproducible results, and  significantly reduces hands-on time for complex screening experiments.” 

The BioLector XT Microbioreactor succeeds the BioLector Pro Microbioreactor. Visit to learn more or to request a quote. m2p-labs products and associates are  transitioning into the Beckman Coulter Life Sciences’ Biotechnology Business Unit and the m2p-labs Germany site will remain operational. 


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