September 12, 2017

AgriMetis Announces Publication of L-Glufosinate Patent Application


LUTHERVILLE, MD – September 11, 2017 – AgriMetis, LLC today announced that the international patent application covering its broad-spectrum herbicide product of L-glufosinate (Glu-L™) has published. The method for the production of Glu-L described in this published application allows for the efficient and cost-effective manufacturing of substantially pure L-glufosinate, the active isomer of racemic glufosinate.

“This product exemplifies how our company’s combination of biology and chemistry can lead to differentiated active ingredients in a well-studied agrichemical space,” said Brian Green, AgriMetis Vice President of Research and Development.

The Glu-L product is an improved alternative to the commercial racemic glufosinate being manufactured and sold. This is another milestone in AgriMetis delivering innovation to the global agrichemical market.

“Publication of this international patent application has validated our ability to quickly and efficiently discover and develop new innovative agricultural technologies,” said Steven Tuttle, President and CEO of AgriMetis. “We are excited to transition into active business development while continuing to progress our research and development of pipeline projects.”

For more information on the specific Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) publication, a link is provided below:

About AgriMetis

In an evolving and growing global population, there continues to be an interesting demand for sustainable crop protection products. AgriMetis is dedicated to fulfilling this need. Our mission is to innovate sustainable crop protection products through leading edge and advanced discovery, development and delivery methods.

AgriMetis was named one of the top ten start ups by Chemical and Engineering News (C&EN):

AgriMetis was formed in March 2014 with $10.0 million in Series A financing led by Syngenta Ventures and managed by the innovation company Acidophil, LLC to pursue agriculture chemical research and development by applying a biopharmaceutical start up model. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, AgriMetis continues to grow and develop technologies and capabilities.

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