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Agile BioFoundry Announces New Projects

The Agile BioFoundry announced today that seven projects have been selected under the recent $5M Directed Funding Opportunity.

The Agile BioFoundry is focused on developing, deploying and uniting tools, technologies, software, and instrumentation across the National Laboratory system for the robust and predictive engineering of biology for the production of biofuels and renewable chemicals from domestic, non-food lignocellulosic biomass. Central to this effort is developing databases and machine learning methods to enable better, automated design of bioprocesses with predictable performance and scaling.

Working with industry and other external stakeholders to identify and address critical biomanufacturing challenges is central to the success of the Agile BioFoundry. The six companies and the academic lab that will work with ABF on these projects are:

  1. Agilent Technologies
  2. Kiverdi
  3. LanzaTech
  4. Lygos
  5. University of Georgia, E. Neidle Lab
  6. TeselaGen
  7. Visolis

These two-year projects will accelerate innovation and adoption of new biomanufacturing approaches and will foster the growth of the US bioeconomy. These projects will allow these industry and academic partners to utilize the capabilities at the Agile BioFoundry to develop novel microbial hosts and bioproducts or to develop new capabilities and approaches that will advance all aspects of the biomanufacturing cycle.


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