EnBiotix and Elanco Enter Partnership to Develop Antibiotic-alternative Through Engineered Phage Technology

James Collins, Scientific Founder and Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board, EnBiotix. Photo by Kalman Zabarsky Elanco Animal Health and EnBiotix, Inc. have entered an agreement to collaborate on the development of engineered phage technology as an alternative to traditional antibiotics. Their collaborative effort will focus on specific health targets…

Quick Start Introduction To Synthetic Biology – July 16th, Rotterdam, Netherlands

SynBioBeta Rotterdam Course

Introduction to Synthetic Biology is a new course conceptualized and written by Dr. Josh Gilmore and Dr. John Cumbers. The course provides an interactive class for teaching synthetic biology to non-experts. The course is written for tech-professionals in other fields such as computer science, to learn about the growing power of biology to perform useful tasks and make high-value products from drugs to spiders silk. We focus on analyzing the similarities and differences in our fields of study to make these lessons accessible, inspirational, and memorable.