The First Ever Bio-focused Hackathon in the UK

Hackathons abound in today’s computer science and data oriented society. Biology-focused hackathons, involving learning and creating with synthetic biology, are starting to crop up.The first ever bio-focused hackathon in the UK is happening next month. Put on by Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC), with help from the SynBio…

Quick Start Introduction To Synthetic Biology – May 17, 2016


Introduction to Synthetic Biology is a new course conceptualized and written by Dr. Josh Gilmore and Dr. John Cumbers. The course provides an interactive class for teaching synthetic biology to non-experts. The course is written for tech-professionals in other fields such as computer science, to learn about the growing power of biology to perform useful tasks and make high-value products from drugs to spiders silk. We focus on analyzing the similarities and differences in our fields of study to make these lessons accessible, inspirational, and memorable.