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SynBioBeta Live with Strateos

Wondering how robotics and cloud-labs are accelerating synthetic biology discovery? Come join SynBioBeta's first event of the year. We will be hosting a 1-hour round table with live Q&A not to be missed! Wednesday, February 24th, 9-10 am PST.

SynBioBeta on Forbes

Israeli start-up Ukko aims to alleviate food allergies and sensitivities by creating hypoallergenic gluten and peanut proteins. These proteins can then be used as food ingredients or immunotherapy options. The company just secured a $40 million series B funding round led by Leaps by Bayer.

Atlast, the food ingredient off-shoot of Ecovative Design, is taking on the meat industry through whole cuts of mycelium-based bacon. Learn what Atlast CEO Eben Bayer thinks about the future of sustainable meats and read about my experience of my first taste of MyBacon.

Want to learn more about how synthetic biology is transforming food and agriculture? Join us for our special Food & Agriculture event on March 3rd. Register now and take advantage of our early-bird ticket special by Thursday, February 4th at midnight PST!

And, in our very first Bioeconomy Hub event, SynBioBeta will host Codexis CEO John Nicols for a special discussion and live Q&A on overcoming the synthetic biology industry challenges of 2020 and how to navigate the uncertainties of a post-pandemic future. Join the Bioeconomy Hub to get access to this exclusive event on Wednesday, February 3rd at 1-2pm PST.

Join me on Clubhouse:

On Friday at 11 AM PST, I’ll be on Clubhouse! Come learn about the next generation of DNA synthesis technologies with my guest, CEO of Molecular Assemblies Mike Kamdar. On Saturday at 10 AM PST, let’s discuss health, healthcare and homelessness with Esther Dyson. What do we wish for, what is driving the trends, what incentives can we put in place?

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Latest News

Evolva launches L-arabinose, a natural sugar blocker and reducing sugar (Press release)

Scripps Research CEO Peter Schultz wins National Academy of Sciences’ chemistry award for extraordinary scientific achievements (Press release)

Scientists just took a step toward using living cells as hard drives (Future Human)

Yield10 Bioscience announces achievement of proof-of-concept milestone for producing PHA bioplastic in field grown camelina plants (Press release)

The BioBuilder Educational Foundation launches a new podcast: Meet Karen Ingram and Julie Legault

IDT developing PrimeTime™ SARS-CoV-2/Flu test for comprehensive patient testing (Press release)

Foodborne diseases kill thousands of Americans each year. Tracing food with genetically engineered spores could help. (The Counter)

How to start a biotech company on a budget (Y Combinator)

Twist Bioscience signs two biopharma technology agreements to enable novel therapeutics discovery (Press release)

Amyris acquiring Terasana brand to offer clean cannabinoid consumer products (Press release)

Strand Therapeutics and BeiGene to develop solid tumor immuno-oncology therapeutics based on Strand’s next-generation, multi-functional mRNA technology (Press release)

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