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Could CRISPR eradicate acne? For many, acne is a major source of discomfort, self-consciousness, and even embarrassment. But now, acne treatment could be entering a new phase through synthetic biology innovation. Eligo Bioscience announced their new partnership with global healthcare giant, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) to use CRISPR to eliminate bacteria that cause acne while leaving the rest of the skin microbiome intact.

Eligo Bioscience's management team from left: CEO Xavier Duportet, PhD, Chief Business Officer, Aurélie Grienenberger, PhD, and CSO David Bikard, PhD

In funding news, Senti Biosciences announced a $105 million Series B financing round led by Leaps by Bayer to engineer gene circuits that improve cell and gene therapy products. “We believe that synthetic biology will become an important pillar in next-generation cell and gene therapy, and that Senti Bio’s leadership in designing and optimizing biological circuits fits precisely with our ambition to prevent and cure cancer and to regenerate lost tissue function,” said Juergen Eckhardt, MD, Head of Leaps by Bayer, in a recent press release.

Air Protein announced a $32 Million series A funding round to transform carbon dioxide into meat-free meat. Check out our previous conversation with CEO Lisa Dyson about how her company's platform seeks to address both hunger and climate change through carbon negative food.

Lisa Dyson, CEO of Air Protein.

In other funding news:

Laurynas Karpus, CEO of Biomatter Designs.

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Latest News

The 221b Foundation establishes coalition to control the spread of COVID-19 in Nepal (Press release)

The UK government has launched a consultation on using gene editing to modify livestock and food crops (BBC News)

A new study takes steps toward detecting CRISPR/Cas gene doping in athletes (ACS)

Twist Bioscience anticipates that DNA writing technology will help advance precision medicine, curb pollution, conserve energy, and store data more securely and economically (GEN)

Indee Labs announces successful early access program launch (Press release)

ArsenalBio announces multi-program discovery collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb to advance next-generation T cell therapies for solid tumors (Press release)

DSM and TU Delft establish artificial intelligence laboratory to drive bioscience innovation (Press release)

Editas Medicine announces the FDA has cleared initiation of the EDIT-301 clinical trial (Press release)

Synlogic outlines upcoming clinical milestones (Press release)

Adidas is developing plant-based leather that will be used to make shoes (Business Insider)

Scientists develop ON-OFF switch for CAR T cell immunotherapy (GEN)

Producing milk from yeast that looks and tastes like cow's milk (

Amyris to launch its Biossance(TM) clean beauty brand in China through partnership with Superordinary (Press release)

Twist Bioscience supplies Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with custom SARS-CoV-2 synthetic RNA controls (Press release)

Brightseed announces preclinical data for phytonutrients targeting liver and metabolic health (Press release)

Conagen begins scale up of natural sustainable musk macrocyclic lactone fragrance materials (Press release)

Amyris creates partnership with Jonathan Van Ness to launch leading clean haircare brand (Press release)

Berkeley Lights launches Opto Plasma B Discovery 4.0 to accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery against difficult targets (Press release)

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