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Cultured meat, produced from bioreactors instead of animal slaughter, has been approved for sale by a regulatory authority for the first time. The development has been hailed as a landmark moment across the meat industry, according to The Guardian. Eat Just’s ‘chicken bites’ will be initially available in a Singapore restaurant.


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In funding news, Twist Bioscience has raised $323.7 million and Codexis is raising $70.2 million in a public offering of common stock.


In other news: Last week, SynBioBeta hosted our first conference dedicated solely to how biotech companies can tell the story of their brands and build lasting relationships with consumers. Read the biggest conference takeaways in my latest article for Forbes.

The Stunning Pace Of Progress: One Year In, Covid-19 Treatments And Vaccines Are Close At Hand (INFOGRAPHIC) The global race to deliver proven antibody treatments and vaccines for COVID-19 is well underway. A slew of candidates — including many made possible by advances in synthetic biology — are in late-stage clinical trials.

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