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We have over 600 people registered for Brands and Biology, starting in four hours. I'll be hosting a special mixer with Boston Consulting Group at the end of Day 1 from 4-5 pm PT. I hope that you'll come join us for a Happy Hour! The two days are going to be full of 20 interactive sessions, where you can meet with the speakers and other fellow participants. Speakers include:

Erika Milczek
Curie Co.


David Breslauer
Bolt Threads

Josh Moser

Casey Lippmeier


Marti Romances
Territory Studio

Michelle Zhu
Huue, Inc

Marilene Pavan


Ramya Viswanathan Amyris

Massimo Portincaso Consulting Group

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As a reminder, we are offering free press passes to writers and members of the press who are interested in covering the event! To apply for a free press pass, please contact us.

Check out our new podcast episode "Where brands and biology meet" with Karl Schmieder, founder of messagingLAB, a strategy and consulting firm that helps synthetic biology companies create and execute strategies to drive the industry forward.

Thanks to Hudson Robotics for sponsoring this week's SynBioBeta newsletter. They offer automated solutions for the synthetic biology pipeline: from automated oligo synthesis and gene assembly through transformation, colony picking and plasmid preparation. Learn more at Hudson Robotics.

In a major announcement, Riffyn’s flagship software, Riffyn Nexus, has been selected as the key digital-infrastructure platform for BioMADE, the $87.5 million DoD non-profit biomanufacturing network. Riffyn’s advanced digital capabilities are expected to significantly accelerate scaling for biotech innovations while reducing costs and risk.

Congratulations to Ginkgo Bioworks, which announced that they were approved for a loan of up to $1.1B from the US International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) to accelerate their vaccine manufacturing and COVID-19 testing infrastructure.

Congratulations to Codexis and Casdin Capital for launching the SynBio Innovation Accelerator, a new accelerator that will fund and nurture early stage synthetic biology companies in the next several years. Their first investment is in a computational protein design company, Arzeda, with $1.75 million.

Here's my latest for Forbes:

Keep warm this winter with a sweater made from “Brewed Protein,” the breakthrough sustainable material inspired by spider silk. The collaboration between Spiber and Goldwin shows just how much synthetic biology can disrupt the environmentally destructive world of fast fashion.

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Latest News

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Amyris delivers record Black Friday sales (Press release)

Who's hiring?

Senior Scientist – Analytical Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, California

Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security: Research Associate/Analyst – Baltimore, Maryland

University of California: Associate Teaching Professor of Bioengineering – Santa Cruz, California


Application Scientist: Codex DNA – San Diego, California


Scientist, Metabolic Engineer: Conagen – Bedford, MA


Scientist, Fungal Biology: Conagen – Bedford, MA


Scientist, Synthetic Biologist: Novome Biotechnologies – South San Francisco, CA


Biomolecular Nanomaterials Scientist: Berkeley Lab – Bay Area, CA


Graphic Designer: SynBioBeta (contractor)


Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA


Product Manager (Synthetic Biology): Twist Bioscience – San Francisco, CA


Head of Sales: SynBioBeta – Pleasant Hill, CA


Senior/Principal Scientist (Natural Products Purification and Structure Elucidation): LifeMine – Cambridge, MA


Staff Engineer, Process Development: Inscripta – San Diego, CA


Director, Bioinformatics: LifeMine – Cambridge, MA


Applications Analyst (LIMS): Geltor – San Leandro, CA


Business Systems Administrator: Geltor – San Leandro, CA


Marketing Communications Manager/Sr. Manager: DNA Script – South San Francisco or Paris, France


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