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This week’s news digest is brought to you by LanzaTech, a synthetic biology company turning our global carbon crisis into a feedstock opportunity with the potential to displace 30% of crude oil use today and reduce global CO2 emissions by 10%.

You all are some of the closest minds to the emerging trends in synthetic biology. Normally I am the one letting you know what new topics and trends I am excited about, but I want to switch things up a bit - I’d love for YOU to tell me about the things that YOU are excited about.

Q1: What is one area of research that is nearing commercialization within your sub-field that you are confident is going to have a major positive impact once it is unleashed to the world?


Q2: What is one development in synthetic biology that you are excited about from afar? What is something you are not working on right now but know is going to change the field once it is developed?


Q3: What are 2 enabling technologies that are going to make life much better in your sub-field? What enabling technology do you wish you had at your disposal?


Q4: Whose work surprises you and impresses you with its ability to horizon-scan for the future state of our field?


I’ll read all of these and pick a few to write about in my upcoming column. Cheers to all the amazing innovation happening right before our eyes!

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Here’s some of our fresh content for you to enjoy:

Bill Gates-backed Ginkgo Bioworks has a new $40 million spin out using synthetic biology to clean wastewater. Last week, Allonnia launched with $40 million in funding to engineer and commercialize microbes to eliminate pollutants in wastewater and soil.

Moonshots: Can synthetic biology’s wildest dreams save our world? In a time of global crises from health to climate, how can the scientific entrepreneurial engine drive better outcomes for society?

UK startup just closed $21 million series B to engineer cancer-attacking microbes. The race to bring advanced cancer therapeutics to the clinic may have just cleared another hurdle with biotech company Prokarium’s robust Series B investment round.

Carbon-negative food made from thin air? This science fiction idea may be a reality sooner than you think. Lisa Dyson aims to transform carbon dioxide into meat-free meat. In recognition of her work, Dyson was recently awarded the SynBioBeta 2020 Bio-Innovator of the Year Award.

In funding news:

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Latest News

Lygos announces the launch of Lygos CBx™, a new low-cost, industrial-scale cannabinoid production company (Press release)

IGI scientists make E. coli that can take carbon dioxide from the air — and use it

LanzaTech, Total and L’Oréal announce a worldwide premiere: the production of the first cosmetic plastic bottle made from industrial carbon emissions (Press release) joins forces with maths institute to find the ‘operating system of life’ (Cambridge Network)

Reflections from SynBioBeta 2020 with Nerea Capon, co-founder of Labiome (an iGEM EPIC start-up)

Dr. Jennifer Doudna talks to Kara Swisher about the power — and pitfalls — of CRISPR gene editing technology (The New York Times)

Biotech startups face a growing wave of cyberattacks (

Inscripta appoints Sri Kosaraju as President and CEO (Press release)

EBRC roadmap Microbiome Engineering: A Research Roadmap for the Next-Generation Bioeconomy

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Gene Delivery): John A. Burns School of Medicine – Honolulu, HI


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