Hi all,

Tristan Harris and I recently had an insightful conversation at the SynBioBeta conference—were you able to catch it? If you missed it or would like to see it again, you can now view our talk on here thanks to our partner Leaps by Bayer.

Leaps Talk with Tristan Harris

You might recognize Tristan, co-founder and president of the Center for Humane Technology, from the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma. We sat down to talk about the blunders of the social media industry and what we in the biotech industry can stand to learn from the examples set before us.

This thought-provoking Leaps Talk was made possible by Leaps by Bayer. Leaps Talks is a speaker series that gathers leading minds from distinct disciplines to discuss the ethics, opportunities, and challenges faced in biotech innovation and investment.

More about The Social Dilemma: 
The social media industry began with the best of intentions - to connect people across the globe. But no one foresaw what it has grown into: an attention economy in which algorithms have shaped and skewed perspectives through the viral spread of disinformation. Despite all that it has become, is there hope for the future? Can we take responsibility and change the path we are on? The Social Dilemma digs into these issues, how they came about, the psychology of addiction and what we can do to unplug from the monster we have created.

Each time I think back to this conversation, I think of how we in biotech can change the world for the better, but how we must also think ahead to prevent ethical pitfalls. Let’s keep the conversation going as we work towards a more sustainable and innovative future.

Kind regards,
​​​John Cumbers,
Founder and CEO, SynBioBeta