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I’m excited to tell you about an upcoming event we’re hosting with our friends at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. They have been at the forefront of genetic engineering for a long time. Their Echo Acoustic Liquid Handler is an ideal tool for researchers developing new strains of bacteria or yeast, as it enables highly efficient, high-throughput cloning workflows that save time while reducing costs and waste. Please join us on Wednesday, November 4, 2020 11:00am-1:00pm PST for a discussion with the experts on how we can fix the design-build-test cycle for synthetic biology. Panelists include experts from IDT, SCIEX and Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

Our upcoming event on Brands and Biology, December 2, 2020: Help us to design the best event on this topic! Please fill out this short survey to help shape this awesome event where you will learn everything about the latest companies making “bio” part of their brand DNA.

Our friends at Benchling are also hosting a webinar on November 18th: Powering the Fermentation Science Behind Future Foods. Strain engineering and fermentation science is exploding in use and complexity, bringing along new R&D challenges. Join this webinar to learn how Clara Foods is harnessing unified data, standardized processes, and collaboration through Benchling to accelerate their fermentation production.

Here’s some of our fresh content for you to enjoy:

Leaps Talk #6 | George Church, D.A. Wallach, and Kira Peikoff: The Culture of Synthetic Biology and Moonshots for a Better World | SynBioBeta 2020. In a time of global crises from health to climate, how can the scientific entrepreneurial engine drive better outcomes for society?

Natural Infant Formula On The Horizon: How To Copy What Nature Put In Mother’s MilkEarlier this year, we wrote about Conagen’s breakthrough production of lactoferrin, a milk protein crucial to infant nutrition. Now, Conagen is tackling two more compounds found in breast milk: HMOs and FBA.

Australian Startup Raises $3.25 Million With Synthetic Biology Algal Platform.“It became clear to me that algae is a grossly underutilized production system which has great potential to provide natural, high quality ingredients to the world,” says Nusqe Spanton, CEO and founder of Provectus Algae.

Genetic modification has been an exciting tool in food production for decades. But more and more, scientists are learning that modifying the organisms that help ferment the foods we love could also produce more sustainable, and better-tasting, foods.

In funding news:

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Latest News

U.S. Department of Defense awards $87.5 million to EBRC-led BioMADE establishing the Bioindustrial Manufacturing Innovation Institute

The race to recreate breast milk without the breast (Future Human)

A startup is making thousands of gene-edited pigs because humans need their organs (Future Human)

Twist Bioscience and Neogene announce broad strategic partnership for next generation personalized T cell therapies (Press release)

U.S. Patent Office grants Renew Biopharma pivotal patent for cannabinoid biosynthesis (Press release)

Sestina Bio Launches: Engineering biology at the level of single cells (Press release)

Amyris and Arzeda enter into development collaboration agreement (Press release)

Renew Biopharma announces new executive leadership to drive its drug discovery program (Press release)

Enzymatic DNA synthesis sees the light: Methods from the computer chip industry aid writing and storage of digital data in DNA (Harvard University)

Apply now for The Women In Bio Founders Scholarship

Synthetic biologist wins prestigious Packard Fellowship (Johns Hopkins)

AbSci CEO Sean McClain named as an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2020 Pacific Northwest Region Award Winner (Press release)

Dr. Amy Liao receives the Wallace A. Coulter Award for Healthcare Innovation (Press release)

BioFounders journey culminates in the Fast-Track Program (iGEM EPIC)

Impossible Foods enters grocery stores outside the U.S. for the first time (Fortune)

Aleph Farms launches ‘Aleph Zero’ program to grow steaks in space

Microvi expands reach to areas hit hardest with nitrate pollution in Central Valley of California (Press release)

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Senior Director: Conagen – Bedford, MA


Senior Research Associate, Strain Engineering: Flagship Pioneering – Cambridge, MA


Biological-technical Assistant (BTA) / Biological Laboratory Assistant: Synbionik – Germany


Biotechnologist/Bioprocess Technician (limited to one year): Synbionik – Germany


Business Process Quality Manager: Synbionik – Germany


Chemist (Down Streaming): Synbionik – Germany


Data & AI Engineer: Synbionik – Germany


Initiative Application: Synbionik – Germany


Laboratory Technician/Technical Assistant: Synbionik – Germany


Manufacturing Quality Manager: Synbionik – Germany


Employee in the Field of Protein Engineering: Synbionik – Germany


Employee in Budget & Resource Planning: Synbionik – Germany


Patent Officer: Synbionik – Germany


Product Quality Manager: Synbionik – Germany


Regulatory Affairs Manager: Synbionik – Germany


Scientist Gene Synthesis Laboratory: Synbionik – Germany


Master’s Degree (Protein Engineering): Synbionik – Germany


Master’s Degree (Biochemistry Laboratory): Synbionik – Germany


Master’s Degree Students Screening: Synbionik – Germany


Working Student Laboratory Organization and Data Management: Synbionik – Germany


Working Student in the Field of Investigative Research: Synbionik – Germany


Working Student IT: Synbionik – Germany


Intern Corporate and Business Development: Synbionik – Germany


Scientist: Palamedrix – San Diego, CA

Molecular Biology Team Lead: Slone Partners – San Carlos, CA


COVID Test Processor: OpenCell – Jersey, UK


Biochip Design Engineer: Analog Devices – Boston, MA


Postdoctoral fellow: GartonLab – Toronto, Canada


Sr. Scientist/Principal Scientist, HTP Cloning & Protein Expression: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Senior Scientist, Strain Engineering: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Scientist, NGS Data Analysis: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Scientist, HTP Cloning & Protein Expression: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Research Associate/Sr. Research Associate – Cloning: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Group Leader, Purification: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Technical Program Manager: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Research Associate, High-throughput Screening: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Director/Senior Director, Business Development: AbSci – Remote, US


Director/Senior Director, Business Development: AbSci – Boston, MA

Software Developer, Full-Stack or Front-End: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Scientist, Analytical Development: AbSci – Vancouver, WA


Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Gene Delivery): John A. Burns School of Medicine – Honolulu, HI


Scientist, Synthetic Biology: Empress Therapeutics, Inc. – Cambridge, MA


Sr/Principal Scientist, Gene Therapy & AAV Engineering: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Scientist, Molecular Biology – Cell Biology: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Scientist, Molecular Biology – Cell Biology: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Scientist, Molecular Biology: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Scientist, Bioprocess Development – Downstream: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Research Assistant/Associate, Biotherapeutics Lead Discovery: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Research Assistant/Associate, Biochemistry: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Research Assistant, Molecular Biology: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Quality Control Lead: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Product Manager, NGS: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Patent Attorney: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


IT Accounting System Administrator: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Facilities Technician & Material Handler: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Bioprocess Development Associate – Downstream: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Associate Director, Alliance Management for Performance Enzyme Business: Codexis – Redwood City, CA


Senior Director of Data Science – Applications Development: Inscripta – Fully Remote


Director of Applications Development – Synthetic Biology: Inscripta – Boulder, CO


Account Executive: Inscripta – DACH, EMEA


Research Scientist: Colorifix – Norwich Research Park, Norwich


Senior Process Engineer: Inscripta – San Diego, CA


Senior Instrument Control Software Engineer: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA


Field Service Engineer (FSE): Inscripta – Europe


Technical Informatics Specialist (TIS): Inscripta – Boulder, CO


Account Executive: Inscripta – Midwest, US


Data Scientist: Inscripta – Remote Worker


Staff Scientist (Enzyme Engineering): Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA


Technology Development Engineer/Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO


Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA


Computational Biology Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO


Field Applications Scientist – East: Inscripta, Boston,MA


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