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How will advances in biology open up a new era of medicine? Eric Schmidt recently interviewed two trail-blazing scientists in his podcast, Aviv Regev and Jim Collins. They discussed their breakthrough work in cell biology, inventing new viral tests, and harnessing advanced computing to unlock new frontiers in the fight against disease. Check it out.

Check out my interview with Theral Timpson for the Mendelspod. We discuss how synthetic biology was surging like perhaps no other bio-based industry when the pandemic struck, and it has had some unique weapons in its arsenal for aiding in the fight against COVID.

SynBioBeta 2020 Poster Session: I welcome you to apply for the SynBioBeta poster session to present your work during the conference. If you are a student or postdoc then you can also apply for a discounted ticket here. Attendees will be able to connect with others who have posters on display in our interactive networking environment. Apply by Friday, September 18

Synthetic Biology Versus Coronavirus: Three Women In A Cutting-Edge Field Using Biological Engineering To Save Lives. A real pandemic is an awful way to put biotechnology to the test. But that’s exactly what is happening with coronavirus. Here are the stories of three women putting synthetic biology to use in saving lives.

How One Unassuming Little Protein Makes Coronavirus A Killer. Each month for the last 20 years, scientist and artist David Goodsell has published the Protein of the Month, showcasing his beautiful renditions of scientifically important and curious proteins.

Bioeconomy Powerhouse Berkeley Lights Nearly Triples Since IPO, Now Valued At $3.9 Billion. Eric Hobbs discusses how Berkeley Lights is not just fighting COVID-19, but also accelerating the design-build-test cycle for all of synthetic biology.

2021 Breakthrough Prize Winners Announced: Researcher Who Developed Protein Design Technology Awarded $3 Million
David Baker, director of the Institute for Protein Design at the University of Washington, received one of the prizes.

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Why Bill Gates is betting millions on synthetic biology (Forbes)

Feed giant Skretting is partnering with another feed alternative ingredient supplier, NovoNutrients (IntraFish)

Novozymes launches probiotic solution in cleaning

Flipping light on-off turns bacteria into chemical factories (

Fifty Years partners with Manifold Bio to reimagine biologics development

Wildtype is opening up a pre-order list for select chefs as it focuses on lab-grown, sushi-grade salmon (TechCrunch)

Amyris continues market adoption of its sweetener with approval by Health Canada (Press release)

Flagship Pioneering’s scientists invent machine learning–powered platform to generate novel biomedicines (Generate Biomedicines)

Demystifying machine learning in drug discovery (Collaborative Drug Discovery Inc) 

BIO’s plan to promote opportunity and access for the underserved (Nature Biotechnology)

Proteinea using fly larvae as ‘mini-bioreactors’ in challenge to industry (BioProcess International)

How Patrick Boyle went from small-town Alaska to the Head of Biological Engineering at Ginkgo Bioworks, and why he wants to retire on Mars (Medium)

Synlogic appoints David Hava, Ph.D., as Chief Scientific Officer (Press release)

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