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Synthetic biology’s biggest event of the year is just 27 days away! Learn how our industry can work together to create meaningful partnerships, grow the market, start new companies, scale new technologies and see our products in the market to create a vibrant, equitable bioeconomy for all. Here's a sampling of the great discussions that you don’t want to miss!

  • How to Build a Synbio Lab: A primer for start-ups
  • Algae's Role in the New Bioeconomy: Spotlight Talk with Checkerspot's Charlie Dimmler
  • Equality Among our Peers: Challenges and opportunities for women in synthetic biology

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Join a SynBioBeta Podcast live recording. I'm excited to host a live SynBioBeta Podcast recording with Berkeley Lights CEO Eric Hobbs on Thursday, September 10th at 8 am Pacific. We’ll discuss their recent IPO, benchmarking in synthetic biology, and more. It will be followed by the premiere of our virtual networking space, hosted by SpeakEasy. This will be an exclusive event for members of the Bioeconomy Hub, a year-long membership focused on amazing experiences that will connect you with the community, educate you on the industry’s most pressing issues, and provide the tools you need to thrive in this field. Sign up for the Bioeconomy Hub to gain access to this event and many more, including SynBioBeta 2020 and 2021!

In case you missed it, we are offering students a fantastic opportunity to attend the Global Synthetic Biology Conference for only $499 (full price $1499). Simply send a picture of your student ID to and we will send you your full-access student pass!

My Forbes column passed one million viewers last month! Thanks to all who have shared their amazing stories with me. Here are two more stories that I featured in Forbes this week, plus two stories we thought you’d find interesting:

How do we safely reopen schools and work? Cheap, fast testing, enabled by a $5 million XPRIZE. A timely contest calls for biotech innovators to join the effort to develop frequent, fast, cheap, and easy COVID testing.

How a newly public synthetic biology company pivoted to the pandemic: up close and personal with Twist Bioscience. Despite the pandemic, Emily Leproust and Aaron Sato remain dedicated entrepreneurs. And now more than ever, they say synthetic biology needs to deliver.

Can yeast oil save rainforests from palm oil plantation pressure? Palm oil is cheap, plentiful, and extremely useful — but its production involves destroying tropical rainforests. Startups are racing to replace palm oil with oil from yeast cultures. Can they beat palm oil's low price?

Codex DNA demonstrates momentum toward its mission of building the world’s first vaccine printer and global vaccine network. The latest version of its DNA printer is a digital-to-biological converter (DBC) that can enable printing life-saving vaccines on a global scale using synthetic DNA to stop future pandemics.

Are you a startup with a platform approach solving critical problems in drug discovery and delivery? Deep Life (an ecosystem founded by VC firm Innovation Endeavors) has partnered with LEO Pharma for its first-ever Deep Life Challenge. Each startup that submits an application will be reviewed for: (1) investment by Innovation Endeavors and (2) partnership with LEO Science & Tech Hub - including access to dedicated resources such as experts, mentorship interactions, and applicable datasets for validation. To learn more, visit the website.

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