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Can technology make more natural pesticides? Zymergen-FMC partnership offers a peek into the future of crop protection. A new collaboration between the two R&D pioneers aims to accelerate the discovery of breakthrough crop protection technologies.

The rush for hand sanitizers is a boom for hand moisturizers. This startup has a solution for both. Hand sanitizers drying you out? This new fermented gel is better for your hands—and the environment.

A virtual drug discovery company—with no lab of its own—partners with Roche to fight cancers in the brain. By zeroing in on a notorious class of enzymes associated with cancer, Reverie Labs puts the power of cloud computing to its full potential.

Twist Bioscience synthetic DNA stores new Netflix original series ‘BIOHACKERS’. The new show investigates some current opportunities as well as future possibilities, engaging imagination and creativity.

Conagen’s novel human milk oligosaccharide paves the way for advancing nutrition in next generation infant formulas. Infant formula manufacturers can anticipate market entry of Conagen’s 2’FL in the next few months.

Checkerspot closes $36 million series B round. “Understanding the genomics of microalgae allows us to connect the world of biotechnology to bespoke materials and high-performance consumer products," said Scott Franklin, Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Checkerspot.

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In education news, Natalie Kuldell, Founder and Executive Director of BioBuilder, recently wrote a short piece about how BioBuilder is providing meaningful synthetic biology education, with an associated 90 second video.

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We’re using microbes to clean up toxic electronic waste – here’s how (The Conversation)

A review of materials and methods used for cellular agriculture scaffolds (New Harvest)

Florida is going to release 750 million mosquitoes genetically engineered to decimate the mosquito population (Fast Company)

California shows the way for biosecurity in commercial gene synthesis (Nature Biotechnology)

The QB3 Pitch Summit introduces accredited life science investors to startups who are looking for funding from early-stage through Series A

Harvard’s Wyss Institute launches Torus Biosystems to pioneer its  infectious disease diagnostics platform

A small VC group expands its hunt for inspired biotech founders in need of seed cash (Endpoints News)

Frequency is a flexible program designed to help you explore launching a startup — on your terms

USDA invites public comment on petition to approve GMO chestnut tree (Genetic Literacy)

altLabs is soliciting solutions to a crucial problem in genetic engineering: where was this engineered?

Researchers create synthetic proteins that use logic to choose which cells to kill (GeekWire)

Codex DNA launches new automated synthetic biology workstation for commercial use (Press release)

Provivi® announces regulatory approval of first sprayable pheromone product for the control of Fall Armyworm in Brazil (Press release)

Indee Labs awarded grant from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (Press release)

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