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Next week, we're announcing the entire SynBioBeta 2020 conference! Here's a sampling of the great discussions coming your way soon:

  • Conscious capitalism: Making good in the world with biology
  • Apparel and beauty: How consumer demand is driving supply chains, design, and performance
  • Star Trek versus Star Wars: Abundance versus scarcity in growing the bioeconomy
  • Caffeine in virtual reality: An up-close encounter on the molecular structure, function, and effects on humans and how we interact with each other
  • Startup bootcamp: How to build a world-class synbio lab

In case you missed it, we launched The Bioeconomy Hub, a membership program that gives you access not just to SynBioBeta 2020, but to all six events through 2021, including SynBioBeta 2021.

Being in charge of a healthcare company during a pandemic is a ton of work — just ask Eric Hobbs, CEO of Berkeley Lights, who met with 180 investors over Zoom over three and a half days — and lost 10 pounds over the process. 

Synthetic biology sells picks and shovels for the $4 trillion bioeconomy, and Codon Capital sees this opportunity. Mitchell Mutz—the accomplished venture investor, biotech serial entrepreneur, and inventor—joins Codon Capital to build a better world with biology.

VIDEO: Does eating animals cause pandemics? In March, I spoke with Wild Earth’s Ryan Bethencourt on the environmental, ethical, and health consequences of animal diets. Listen to our free-ranging discussion of “The Biological Enlightenment”: watch the video here.

Mammoth Biosciences signs exclusive deal for recently-discovered CRISPR protein. CasΦ was discovered in a type of virus called “biggiephages” rather than bacteria. This protein is half the size of other CRISPR proteins. It’s also a simpler system, which offers some  advantages for in vivo gene editing.

This company thinks bacteria can help fix fashion's water pollution problem. Colorifix inserts the genetic information that directs the color-making process into bacteria, which are fed with sugar molasses and nitrogen in a fermenting machine, where the cells multiply in number, each making more pigment.

Chemists expand genetic code of E. coli to produce 21st amino acid, giving it new abilities. Rice University researchers introduced noncanonical amino acid building blocks into proteins in living cells, pioneering a powerful tool for investigating and manipulating the structure and function of proteins.

Focal point on synthetic biology in Japan: Countries around the world are pouring research funding into how to make industrially useful products using microbes and plant cells.

New science behind algae-based flip-flops: Biodegradable shoes meet commercial standards for products needed to help eradicate tons of plastic waste.

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Latest News

Researchers present a proposal to design and synthesize the next version of the synthetic yeast genome, dubbed Sc3.0.

Why mushrooms are a miracle material—and might be your new favorite meat (Fast Company)

All-New Soleic™ biodegradable polyurethane foams pass a critical test (Algenesis Materials)

Precigen announces first patient dosed in phase I/II study of first-in-class PRGN-2009 AdenoVerse™ immunotherapy to treat HPV-associated cancers (Press release)

Lygos successfully validates novel fermentation process for sustainable and rare cannabinoids (Press release)

Novome Biotechnologies expands therapeutic focus with acquisition of  intellectual property from Caribou Biosciences (Press release)

Sustainable nylon production made possible by bacteria discovery (The University of Edinburgh)

Men are twice as likely to support genetically engineered babies than women (OneZero)

Duke-NUS spinout PairX Bio launches with strong biotech credentials, venture capital backing

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