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In case you missed it, we launched The Bioeconomy Hub, an exclusive platform that gives you—the innovators committed to improving the universe with biology—everything you need to bring your projects to life and help grow the bioeconomy. This membership program gives you access not just to SynBioBeta 2020, but to all six events through 2021, including SynBioBeta 2021. Learn more about membership in the Bioeconomy Hub by visiting our website. I hope you’ll take part in the full SynBioBeta experience!

DCVC (where I'm an operating partner) is launching a $350 million early stage fund raised entirely during the global pandemic and focused on Deep Tech-enabled life sciences companies in human therapeutics, agriculture and industrial biotech.

Applications are still open for the 2020 Startup Bio Draft, a unique take on fundraising for bio startups where investors compete to invest in companies, the same way NBA teams compete to draft new players, apply here by August 14th. 

PODCAST: How DNA synthesis is powering the fourth manufacturing revolution with Twist Bioscience's Emily Leproust. The pioneering CEO talks with John Cumbers about disrupting DNA synthesis and growing the bioeconomy.

Search funds: A new model for innovation in the synthetic biology industry. Partnerships between synthetic biology enterprises and would-be entrepreneurs could help biotechnology deliver on its many promises.

Automated biology is now an affordable reality. It’s high time for students and bench scientists to stop pipetting and spend most of their time designing experiments and analyzing results. Niko McCarty explains how printed circuit boards and off-the-shelf components are poised to automate biological experiments.

Could drug-resistant bacteria cause the next pandemic? Aided by modern humans' mobility and by climate change, bacterial pathogens endanger everyone's health. They are legion, varied, and constantly mutating. How can we best combat them?

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An easier way to go ve­g­gie: vitamin B12 can be pro­duced dur­ing dough fer­ment­a­tion (University of Helsinki)

Applications to be a judge at the iGEM 2020 Virtual Giant Jamboree are now open!

Exploring the world of synthetic biology and designer viruses — with Andrew Hessel (Medium)

Ground-breaking carbon recycling project launches (Biomass Magazine)

Why cultivated meat is about to have its Tesla Roadster moment (Massive Science)

Arcadia Biosciences to bring GoodWheat products to China and Israel with Corner Foods collaboration (Proactive Investors)

New Cyrus Biotechnology antibody structure prediction software “NextGen” outperforms Schrödinger and other software in third-party test (Press release)


Biotechnology could change the cattle industry. Will it succeed? (Undark)

What happens when synthetic biology meets the toughest cancer challenges? Join a 3-day workshop to develop novel cross-disciplinary collaborations!

National Science Foundation grant opens new doors for Center for Synthetic Biology

How do we know if a virus is bioengineered? (OneZero)

Paradromics unveils the largest ever electrical recordings in cortex

GentiBio launches to develop engineered regulatory T cells for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases (EurekAlert!)

Precigen ActoBio announces positive topline results from phase 1b study of AG019 ActoBiotics™ (Press release)


Who's hiring?

Data Scientist: Inscripta – Remote Worker

Senior Research Assistant: Colorifix – Norwich Research Park, Norwich

Lead Metabolic Engineering Scientist: Helaina – New York, NY

Synthetic Chemist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Fluidics Engineer: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Senior Synthetic Biologist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Senior Scientist/Engineer (Mammalian Cell Process Development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Scientist/Engineer (Scale down process development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Research Associate: LanzaTech – Skokie, IL

System Integration Scientist: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Staff Scientist (Enzyme Engineering): Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA 

Scientist, Enzyme Engineering: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (Physical Properties & Characterization): Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry: Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Scientist, Mammalian Cell Biology: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Technology Development Engineer/Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Computational Biology Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Field Applications Scientist – East: Inscripta, Boston, MA

Account Executive: Inscripta – East Coast, United States

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