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I’m excited to share a new episode of the SynBioBeta Podcast! Today’s podcast features Codexis CEO John Nicols going deep on the company’s latest collaborations pushing the envelope in protein engineering. Learn how Nobel laureate Frances Arnold figures into Codexis’ extraordinary pedigree, and how enzyme engineering is enabling a new class of therapeutics for several rare diseases.

Congratulations to Ginkgo Bioworks, Mammoth Biosciences, and others for receiving funding from the NIH to develop lab-based tests for COVID-19! The goal of the Rapid Acceleration of Diagnostics program (RADx) is to add millions of tests per day to the U.S.’s current testing capacity by September 2020, which is currently about 800,000.

XPRIZE is working with OpenCovidScreen to offer up to $5 million to innovators around the globe who can come up with inexpensive, fast, and easy COVID-19 testing that enables effective, data-driven tracing.

In case you missed it, applications are still open for the 2020 Startup Bio Draft, a unique take on fundraising for bio startups where investors compete to invest in companies, the same way NBA teams compete to draft new players (apply here by August 14th).

A next-generation infant formula—the closest to mother’s milk yet—made with biology. Mother’s milk is always the best option, but only 25% of babies can enjoy this blessing exclusively. A new formula ingredient, manufactured through biology, helps bring infant formula closer than ever to natural mother’s milk.

Your car is more plastic than you know. This company may soon be brewing its parts with biology. One-third of a car's parts are plastic. If a new way of making plastic with biology plays out, not only could we have lighter and more fuel-efficient automobiles, we could also enter an era of guilt-free plastic.

Have your cake and eat it too, so long as they’re GMO: 5 Reasons GMO should be on your shopping listAs experts and food system stakeholders, the onus is on us to better facilitate the communication between consumers and producers, as well as credibly separate myth from fact while in pursuit of feeding everyone sustainably.

Will programming a cell ever be as easy as programming an app? At the same time biological toolkits become more accessible, a few synthetic biology titans are consolidating unprecedented data pools of competitive advantage. Guest contributor Matthew Kirschner explores how the democratization of biology is playing out as industry frontrunners consolidate early leads and bio-preneurs consider the sheer breadth of opportunity.

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Latest News

Early stage investors back over 20 alternative protein startups with hopes of finding the next Beyond Meat (Bloomberg)

Draper to build on its biosecurity tool development for IARPA

Manus Bio and STK Bio-Ag Technologies to develop and commercialize pipeline of next-generation biopesticides (Press release)

Catalent enters into strategic partnership with Editas Medicine to support gene editing medicine pipeline (Press release)

Elo Life Systems announces strategic partnership with Dole Food Company with the goal of saving the cavendish banana (Press release)

Cabaletta Bio and Artisan Bio announce gene editing collaboration to develop CAAR T cell therapies (Press release)

Microflora-made dairy offers a new way to go vegan (Inverse)

Synlogic announces promotion of Antoine ‘Tony’ Awad to Chief Operating Officer (Press release)

Microbes programmed to silence their chatty neighbors (Press release)

New understanding of CRISPR-Cas9 tool could improve gene editing (Berkeley)

Ginkgo welcomes Monika Seyfried and Cyrus Clarke as Ginkgo’s 2020 Creative Residents

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PhD Scientist: Procter & Gamble – Cincinnati, Ohio

Data Scientist: Inscripta – Remote Worker

Senior Research Assistant: Colorifix – Norwich Research Park, Norwich

Lead Metabolic Engineering Scientist: Helaina – New York, NY

Synthetic Chemist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Fluidics Engineer: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Senior Synthetic Biologist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Senior Scientist/Engineer (Mammalian Cell Process Development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Scientist/Engineer (Scale down process development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Research Associate: LanzaTech – Skokie, IL

System Integration Scientist: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Staff Scientist (Enzyme Engineering): Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA 

Scientist, Enzyme Engineering: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (Physical Properties & Characterization): Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry: Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Scientist, Mammalian Cell Biology: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Technology Development Engineer/Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Computational Biology Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Field Applications Scientist – East: Inscripta, Boston, MA

Account Executive: Inscripta – East Coast, United States

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