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Congratulations to Eric Hobbs, John Proctor, and the whole team at Berkeley Lights for raising $204.9 million in their IPO!

The pandemic has exposed the cracks in pharma’s supply chain – to fix it, we need an entirely new way to make medicines. Christina Smolke, CEO of Antheia, shared her thoughts on exactly how we can do this.

Christina Smolke, CEO of Antheia, at SB7.0

In health news, the WHO is organizing an evaluation of molecular assays for detection of yellow fever virus, submissions are due August 31.

Twist Bioscience is partnering with Invetx to engineer novel antibodies for the treatment of serious diseases in dogs and cats.

In other news, KFC is embracing the future of food! They are partnering with 3D Bioprinting Solutions and Beyond Meat to produce fried chicken nuggets.

Amyris launched a plant-derived sustainable silica for clean beauty applications that can be used in foundations, creams, lotions and other applications as a sustainable and better performing alternative to traditional silica.

In funding news:

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Latest News

Huge virus’s mini-enzymes boost CRISPR’s powers (Nature News)

Life sciences heavyweight, Dr Joe Keegan, joins fast growing Nuclera’s board as non-executive director (Press release)
Brave Robot ice cream launches as the first brand from the Perfect Day-backed Urgent Company (TechCrunch)

BioConsortia welcomes Dr. Damian Curtis to lead new gene editing and synthetic biology platform for next generation biopesticides, biostimulants and fertilizers (Press release)

Self-learning biotech brings families closer together (Nasdaq)

An Introduction to cell-free protein expression (The Scientist)

Can carbon-capture fuel the aquafeed sector? (The Fish Site)

Renaissance BioScience appoints Victor Dusik as Director (Press release)

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Synthetic Chemist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Fluidics Engineer: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Senior Synthetic Biologist: Elegen – San Carlos, CA

Research Associate: LanzaTech – Skokie, IL

System Integration Scientist: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (Physical Properties & Characterization): Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry: Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Scientist, Mammalian Cell Biology: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Field Applications Scientist: Inscripta – Europe

Technology Development Engineer/Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Senior Research Assistant: Colorifix – Norwich Research Park, Norwich

Scientist (Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Senior Scientist (Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development): Artemys Foods – San Leandro, CA

Staff Scientist (Enzyme Engineering): Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Scientist, Enzyme Engineering: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Computational Biology Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Research Manager: Novozymes – Davis, CA

Senior Scientist, Cell Biologist – Microbe: Inscripta, Boulder, CO

Field Applications Scientist – East: Inscripta, Boston, MA

Computational Scientist, Mammalian Bioinformatics: Inscripta, Pleasanton, CA

Account Executive: Inscripta – East Coast, United States

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