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Congrats to Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi, Founders of Perfect Day, who just raised $300M. Instead of relying on cows, the food startup utilizes fermentation in microflora to create animal-free proteins for dairy products from ice cream and milk to cheese and butter.

Perfect Day Founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi.

As some startup VCs hunker down, others are finding new ways to fund the next AWS of biology. NFX has launched The Bio Draft, designed to speed up the funding and launch of biotech startups. NFX is just one of a number of Silicon Valley VCs who are getting into the world of reading, writing, and editing DNA. Apply by July 17th

Global venture capital firm Mayfield announced today that IndieBio’s Arvind Gupta will join its firm to expand its engineering biology initiatives. In addition, Mayfield has partnered with SOSV, the parent firm of IndieBio, to found the Genesis Consortium, an alliance of funds and corporations to promote human and planetary evolution.

Fishcakes in space? How one biotech startup is fermenting far-out food. Cellular agriculture companies can use fermentation to grow meat, chicken, and fish from cell cultures in a lab-like setting, offering consumers—and astronauts—a sustainable source of nutritious foods without the animals.

In case you missed our event last week “Synthetic biology and America’s future: New opportunities for working with the U.S. government”, you can watch the recording here! 

Twist Bioscience announced a partnership with Takeda for access to proprietary phage display libraries for the discovery, validation and optimization of antibodies in Takeda’s pipeline of biologics for oncology, rare diseases, neuroscience, and gastroenterology.

"We've been promised a future of chrome -- but what if the future is fleshy?" asks biological designer Christina Agapakis. In this TED talk, she shares how breaking down the boundaries between science, society, nature and technology can lead us to imagine different possible futures.

Christina Agapakis, creative director at Ginkgo Bioworks.

Congrats to Bryan Johnson’s neurotech startup Kernel, which raised $53 million for its non-invasive ‘Neuroscience as a Service’ technology.

Bryan Johnson at SynBioBeta 2018

Checkerspot, a synthetic biology company developing new materials from microalgae, announced the launch of the bio-based Vital 100 ski by its outdoor consumer brand WNDR® Alpine.

In other funding news:

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