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This morning, Sherlock Bio announced that it has partnered with binx health to scale their rapid diagnostic COVID-19 test for point-of-care settings ranging from doctors’ offices to grocery stores. It’s the first FDA-authorized CRISPR point of care test that will come to market, and Sherlock CEO Rahul Dhanda shared with me the amazing story of how his team pivoted to apply its technology to the fight against COVID. Read it on Forbes here.

Yesterday, we had a great discussion on how to build a digital R&D backbone to improve the quality of data and products we make with biology. If you missed it, here’s the recording.

In a podcast with Microsoft’s Chief Technology Officer, Kevin Scott, synthetic biology pioneer Drew Endy explains how synthetic biology can be harnessed to solve some of today’s most pressing issues. Learn about Drew’s background, how he got into biology, and how the U.S.’s unique brand of bioeconomy can promote life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Finally, US-based food and agriculture biotech startup Boost Biomes and global crop nutrition company, Yara International ASA, announced the close of Boost’s $5 million series A equity round.


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The Global Synthetic Biology Conference 2020, September 1-3, 2020. Save the date and sign up for updates!

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Latest News

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Scientist, Analytical Chemistry (Physical Properties & Characterization): Geltor – San Leandro, CA

Senior Scientist, Analytical Chemistry: Geltor – San Leandro, CA

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Field Applications Scientist: Inscripta – Europe

Technology Development Engineer/Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry: Inscripta – Pleasanton, CA

Computational Biology Scientist: Inscripta – Boulder, CO

Research Manager: Novozymes – Davis, CA

Senior Scientist, Cell Biologist – Microbe: Inscripta, Boulder, CO

Field Applications Scientist – East: Inscripta, Boston, MA

Computational Scientist, Mammalian Bioinformatics: Inscripta, Pleasanton, CA

Account Executive: Inscripta – East Coast, United States

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