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US Patent Grants Strengthen SNIPR BIOME’s Approach to Enhance ImmunoOncology Outcomes by Microbiome Modulation

Copenhagen, May 28th, 2019: SNIPR BIOME ApS, a leading CRISPR and microbiome biotechnology company, today announced that the US Patent & Trademark Office has granted 2 patents covering concepts of shaping patients’ microbiomes to positively influence immuno-oncology therapies. The patents, US10,300,138 and US10,300,139 entitled “Selectively Altering Microbiota for Immune Modulation”, protect the modulation of anti-PD-1 and anti-PD-L1 immunotherapies using CRISPR, TALENs or any other guided nuclease to shape microbiota of patients. SNIPR BIOME has exclusive rights to exploit these patents and this underpins the company’s research interest in using CRISPR in novel ways to enhance immunooncology outcomes. The company also applies its CRISPR technologies to address other medical needs, such as infectious diseases and inflammatory conditions, and recently secured a $50m Series A raise to advance such products into the clinic.

These patents follow the recent grant of US10,195,273, which protects certain uses of bacterial transplants to influence immuno-oncology outcomes. SNIPR BIOME also has exclusive access to this. Publications from 2017 by several groups have observed the correlation of bacterial species with cancer therapy outcomes. The SNIPR patents pre-date these publications.

Dr. Christian Grøndahl, Co-founder & CEO commented:

“We have the potential to develop valuable therapeutics within multiple important disease areas. We are focusing initially on precision medicines for difficult-to-treat infections and precision microbiome modulation in inflammatory and cancer indications. Using our proprietary technologies, we selectively kill target bacteria underlying these indications by harnessing the bacteria’s own CRISPR/Cas immune systems to home in on and cut specific DNA fingerprints. We are thrilled to have obtained these valuable new patents in a key area of our research. We look forward to advancing important medicines in the clinic and fostering collaborations in this field for the benefit of patients.”

For more information, please contact: CEO, Christian Grøndahl E-mail: cg@sniprbiome.com Mobile: +45 20202747


SNIPR BIOME is a leading CRISPR and microbiome biotech company incorporated in Copenhagen, Denmark. SNIPR BIOME is engaged in the discovery and development of CRISPR/Cas-based drugs deploying its proprietary and patentprotected CRISPR/Cas platform. SNIPR BIOME is pioneering a novel use of CRISPR/Cas technology to selectively and precisely eradicate target bacteria, while leaving the rest of the patient’s microbial community intact. In March 2019, SNIPR BIOME closed a $50 million Series A financing by Lundbeckfonden Emerge (Copenhagen), Life Sciences Partners (Amsterdam), North-East Family Office (Copenhagen) and Wellington Partners (Munich).   For more details, please visit: www.sniprbiome.com

Source: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5bacc67990f9041ab0d5b0c1/t/5cebf5c471c10bbe0730ba34/1558967748445/190528_SNIPR_PRESS_RELEASE_FINAL%5B2%5D.pdf


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